Femme Frenzy, part Deux. review of Modern Femme by Rochas

     There is a song in my heart while wearing this perfume and it goes something like this

“I’m only cumin, of flesh and blood I stank

I’m only cumin, you know you like it rank…”

apologies to Human League.  (thanks Vance!)

    Anyhow, the first spritz of this one is HELLLLOOO CUMIN!!  Loads of it, coming off of me like I’m a stanky cabby in NYC.  I walk past my cat and he runs in repulsion.  My baby screws up her face and looks a little afraid.  And yet…I like it.   Sure, it’s off putting for a few moments (note to self: LIGHTER application), but if you can get past the intial blast, it steals your heart.   

After the blast of cumin comes the familiar notes of old Femme, but with a delicate trail of cuminy stank.  Remember my Gucci post, where I likened the skank-stank to Bridgette Bardot making a creme brulee while gently sweating?  Sweet and sexy as all get out?  Well, imagine Bridgette no longer gently sweating, but letting the drops roll of her body and into your plum and peach compote.  You are the male companion she is cooking for.  You know you should be repulsed, and yet, when she dips her finger into the warm compote sauce and beckons to you, you come running to lick it off, sweat and all.  She smiles at you and tells you to bring the wine out to the fireplace where the two of you go back to the first Femme’s nuzzling.  However your head pounds with a promise of more than PG-13….Where the vintage Femme purrs with slow seduction, the new Femme growls with a smoldering come hither, demanding your services. 

 Now then, this review is based on both the EDP and the Parfum.  the Parfum is a bit more gentle in it’s handling of the cumin, and smells much more like the old Femme.  The EDP on the other hand get’s on with it’s bad self and gives you an inital whollop of the cumin and a trail through out the stunning composition.  It wears all day long.  I can smell hints of the juice tantalizing me through out the day whenever I turn my head or flick my wrist.  It’s even radiating it’s warm smoldery siren sex call as I lay down for the night.  This reformulation is more shocking than it’s predecesor making it harder to wear in theory.  However, I’ve road tested both amongst the populace in the last few days.  Vintage Femme recieved raves as sexy, warm and almost cuddly in a dirty way.  Everyone loved it with out a second thought.  New Femme however received adjectives such as “ooooh” “dangerous” “damn” and even “that’s REALLY hot” from my subjects.  The King, most notably prefers the composition of NEW Femme to the other (and anything else I’ve worn for that matter) as it is SKANKY and smells like a real woman should.  Who could argue with that?  Even strange men on the street turn thier heads as I walk buy without a look of fright on thier face.  I attribute that to my skanky sex glow of new Femme. 

So, in Summary

Old Femme — Seduce me slowly in front of the fire on a cashmere blanket or bear skin rug.  Lot’s of heavy petting and maybe a slide home.  A classic, real bombshell perfume for intimate seduction.

New Femme — Reeeoow!  I put on my FMP’s and you’re going to be a good boy and come to Mama! 

What do you guys think?  What other original and reformulations do you love ? 

Up soon will be a decant listing, as I need to replete the national household treasury….

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Femme Frenzy part one a review of Vintage Femme by Rochas

Ever since I read The Bombshell Manual of Style by Lauern Stover, I have been fascinated by vintage perfumes.  The various and sundry perfumes mentioned by the book have been systematicaly ordered and sampled by me in hopes of transferring some of the mystical and mythical appeal on to myself. In some, I have felt the magic. In others I scratched my head (in a very sexy manner) and wondered what Stover could have been thinking. Here is what she writes about Rochas Femme :

“A feminine, warm, embracing, sweater-girl scent.  Perfect for intimate affairs in small rooms, in front of fireplaces, French restaurants.  Ideal for evening tweeds; snug cashmere twinsets in taupe, ivory, peach, and black; dark clingy knits and cocktail dresses.  Femme adores plunging necklines which are best with an understated perfume that’s a little woodsy, soft and complex. (Celebrity user:  Mae West) ”

Rochas Femme has been somewhat of a dilemma for me.  First, Stover does not specify which formulation.  I have tried and appreciated both.  This particular review is for the vintage version which was later reworked and  rereleased.  Notes include peach, plum, bergamot/lemon, cinnamon,cloves, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk . A History of Femme can be found here at OsMoz http://www.osmoz.com/mag/fiche_reportage1.asp?ID=222&CATEGORIE=REPORT&LANGUE=en

I cannot argue much with Ms Stovers description of the perfume.  It is feminine and warm.  And it is Ideal for a fireside encounter.  While wearing this perfume I see myself in front of a roaring fire on a bearskin rug in a darkened room.  I’m kittenishly curled up around a sexy Cary Grant-like man and we’re enjoying some deep red wine.  Possibly mulled wine.  We’re feeding each other peaches and plums with a brown sugar syrup.  He’s nuzzling my neck and breathes in my soft musky sweet skin as the amber glow of the fire begins to settle down into it’s embers.  You just know it will be a slow and lingering seduction, just as Femme slowly seduces your nose and embraces you warmly.

Wow.  I need a cold shower.

From the first spray I get a maple-y dry wood.  However, over the course of the labor day weekend, this stage in the perfume has gotten shorter with each application and  while it started out annoying me, I grew to appreciate it.  It’s a chypre, after all and I can now revel in that.  The next phase, the delectable almost too ripe fruit and flower phase, is heady and spicy.  I could sniff my arm all day long.  I rejoice  that the perfume has rubbed off on my baby and I can smell it on her.  In fact, the Princess’s skin chemistry is such that the perfume stays in this delicious phase.  It completely skips the dark phase and behaves as if it will never dry down.  I must put a bottle of this away for her someday.  She will be irresistable.  Finally, the drydown’s soft ambery sandalwood musk concoction melds completely with my skin, leaving only a whisper of the torrid,, mysterious affair.  I also find the more I wear it, the more I want to wear it.  It has become an olfactory opiate.  Any season, any occasion, any excuse, I’d pull this one out and wow anyone close enough to take my scent in.

The silliage in the parfum seems a bit lacking for me.  I don’t feel like others could smell it unless they were smelling right on the site of application.  However, I did spend the majority of my time alone with the Princess while wearing it.  Femme, therefore, behaves like a piece of lingerie underneath the clothes.  It can be revealed only to those lucky enough to be chose.  However, it’s so incredibly gorgeous  I’d want every one to know.  If we stayed with the lingerie analogy, this would be your high class La Perla that you’re dying for everyone to see, but you can’t be indecent. Despite the skin tightness of the aromatic aura, this is so bottle worthy.  I’m eeking out a tiny decant and I am hoping to find more of the vintage parfum under a rock somewhere.  It is an absolutely a to die for “bombshell” perfume. 

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