Gucci’s Coochie : a Review for Gucci Eau de Parfum

As I mentioned from my previous post, the other day I recieved a box of goodies from another perfumista.  Upon opening the box filled with a plethora of bottles, all I could think was “wow.  something in there is sure skanky!”  After doing a bottle sniff of each I determined it was the bottle of Gucci Eau de Parfum that was skanking up the group.  Not feeling brave, I tried two of the lighter offerings and put the skankster away for another day.  Which was today.

   After two days of sucessfully testing Chamade and unsucessfully testing fleurs de rocaille (too soft to smell!) I wanted something really juicy, and boy did I get it.  I sprayed this one with abandon and went outside awhile to really feel it’s effects.

 The notes are as follows in no particular order as they show up in no real order on me in the various testings :

Vanilla Absolute, Heliotrope, Citrus, Orris, Thyme, Orange Blossom, Cumin, Musk.
 At first there was a nice citrus-herbal bit, which I think must be the thyme and orange blossoms.  It sparkled on my skin just as the sunlight sparkled off of the pool’s water surface.  Then minutes later, it became sweet, just a hair shy of cloyingly sweet.  This near cloying floral-vanilla sweetness was interwoven with THE note that can make or break depending on its usage –  – cumin. 

Who doesn’t love cumin in thier food?  It’s the spice that trancends many cultures and makes everything from hummus to posole gastronomic heaven.  Just smelling it in it’s spice jar makes me hungry and thinking of my favorite foods.  However, putting it in a perfume composition can be perfection or murder.  Case in point; the new Femme by Rochas.  Cumin weaves itself between the juiciness of the plum to make a perfume that smells delectable without being foody.  In contrast, Musc de Khoubli Khan uses the same spice to make some, not all, smell like a NYC cabbie.  NOT my favorite thing to smell.  Both perfumes are promoted to be sultry and sexual. 

  In Gucci Eau de Parfum, the effect is something like mild body odor and vanilla.  As disgusting as it sounds, it’s actually fabulously intriguing.  It brings to mind a european woman in the traditional american sterotype: the woman rumored to not bathe as frequently and let her underarm hair grow.  However, she is sexy as hell, and can probably cook a great creme brulee.  Imagine Brigette Bardot or Sophia Loren in the kitchen.  Bare feet, well done hair, winged eye liner and a peasant blouse stirring the vanilla scented brulee batter while sweating a tad in the non air condtioned heat.  Before I get blasted by mean comments, I think this is the great and strange thing about sex appeal.  Napolean would direct his mistress Joesephine to not bathe before his return to her.  Those pheremones in the unwashedness would have some sort of olfactory association with unwashed body skank and kept him coming back for more.  Men these days are still like that, though it isn’t polite to admit. 

Older perfumes capitalized on this bit o’ skank honey factor while new scent manufactering want us to smell fruity and mundane.  (think Bath and Body works and the array of celeb-fumes)  Gucci EDP is a 2002 release and takes a slight risk with the cumin, though balances it safely with the sweets.

In the end of the wearing, I am left with a trace of vanilla-cumin musk and lots of incense.  Bottle worthy?  Not sure.  I am intrigued by the day and a half of wearing, and quite fond of it.  But, I do think it plays it a bit safe for me and wish the cumin-vanilla phase was more forward and longer lasting.  Who knows, maybe it will change on a differnt wearing.  Until then it will be a lovely flirtation with this modern bombshell. 

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