Natori ~ a new-again mother’s fantasy

   It has been a wee bit hectic with the holidays and babies and such things. However I have been making my way through Carol’s  (of WAFT) perfume sample care package, attemting to slow down and really experience the candies.  Natori EDP has been positively buzzed on the blogs and mentioned on the best of 2009 lists.  It has also made it’s way on to my wrists repeatedly.  

With the first dab and sniff, one word comes to mind.  Lush.  The sparkling sparkling aldehydes fizzing softly into a rosy-plum cashmere like accord.  I feel like I’ve taken a luxuirous bubble bath ALONE lotioned up, put on  a cashmere wrap dress.  Shiny hair and heels, I’m ready to have a lovely day out.  This perfume  is so elegant I feel child induced stain proof too.  While I agree Natori is nothing earth shatteringly new and different, it stands out as it isn’t a super trendy thrown in all of whatever is popular concoction.  It is sweet, but it never ventures into the ghastly, and might I say the patch-amber-musk at the end is divine?  Warm skin, not  hippie-ass and incense.  Natori maybe just what I needed to get back into the swing of new releases…  I think Imust hunt down a nice big decant as I bet it intensifies with a good spray. 

notes:  aldehydes, rose, plum, ylang-ylang, purple peony, night-blooming jasmine, patchouli, amber and satin musk accord

It’s a new year.  Resolutions : organize my life, stop and smell the roses and atempt to live in creativity more often.

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