Divine L’etre Aime Femme

spray — warmish spice herbs.  seems like fall potpouri.  The potpourii must be the woodsy note that is the new thing for feminine perfume.  And now…. I smell fruit.  I check the notes available at perfumed court and see Nectarine.  Aside from the decetable peaches available at my farmers market around mothers day (we call them crack peaches.  people wait in line for an hour to buy a peck at a time!) I do love a perfectly ripe juicey nectarine.  Further into the sniff I feel as though I am at a bonfire eating an almost too sweet syrupy fruit.  Through out the day I smell bnfire and fruit.  I love the bonfire, but not so much the fruit.  In the end, I’m left with a hyper sweet after taste.  This realy isn’t my favorite, though I do find it interesting.

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