Poll — Scent Marie Antoinette

Taking (ok, kind of stealing) a page from the brilliant blogger at Now Smell This, I am asking my readers what they would scent Marie Antoinette?  Inspired by tickets to the Houston Ballet’s production of Marie this Sunday, the thought has been on my mind all day.  In a past post, I decided Vero Profumo’s KIKI fit the bill with it’s decadent sweetness, musky frenchness and utter wrist glued to the nose sniff perfection.  Though I have been pondering if this is the absolute choice…

Somedays Jicky seems quite appropriate.  KiKi seems to be a nod to the Guerlain great, though on the wrong day it tends to remind me of the airport bathroom in Houston’s Hobby.  Serge Luten’s Fleurs D’Oranger seems almost right, though not quite enough girlish coquetteishness.   I almost think something pinker….


Leave your thoughts, I’ll be thinking on it too.  I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with and why!  And if the fabulous Now Smell This catches wind of my copy-cat poll, please think of it as a nod to your fabulosity!

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And the winner is….


I’ve sent you an email!

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