Sample Swap Meet

Got some samples hanging around that you’ve tried and not loved?  Me too.  Once a month I’m rounding them up and I will draw a winner from the comments posted on the drawing listing.  I’ll send you the samples, you can send samples back, something not perfume related or even nothing at all.  I’m seriously sick of looking at my sample bowl overflowing with things I’ve tried and not loved but don’t know what else to do with!  I’m desperately trying to downsize myself in an effort to keep clutter down…

So the official February sample swap consists of:

Donna Karan Chaos– .25 ml

Ormonde Jayne Tolu EDP  over a ml left in manufacture sample spray.  I love this, but bought a little of the parfum recently. 

Etro Messe de Minuit– most of 1.5 ml

Chanel Sycomore — 1.5 ml — nice but not my favorite vetiver

Neil Morris Prowl– half the manufacture vial –patch monster!!

L’artisan dzongkka — aside from the nifty name, it left me kinda cold.  though so many others rave about 1.5 ml.

Neil Morris.  le parfum d’odette — pretty, but just not me.  most of the manu. vial

Parfumerie Generale L’ oiseau de Nuit — about 2 ml .  sweet, too sweet for me, and woody.  the dry down is pretty nice

Look for updates until Jan 31, when I finish the month’s sampling

So… leave a comment if the batch strikes your fancy, I will draw for a winner Feb. 5

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I surrender…it’s spring

77 degrees as the high, sunny skies and lovely breezes.  I had a tough time choosing between Apres L’ondee and Iris Poudre, which finally won.  It’s slightly sweet, a little cashmere and a lavender in color beauty.  What are you guys wearing today?


Off to find my spring box of perfume!

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I’m having a boy!

it’s official

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Items for Sale

I will periodically repost this …

For Sale

DelRae Bois de Paradis EDP and Body Creme  125.00  — EDP is 90% full and lotion about 2/3.  Lotion was used with a sterile spatula each application (yes, I am THAT OCD) It is a gorgeous jammy rose that I just don’t wear as often as I should.  New the EDP is 125 and lotion is 85 , so price is a real steal. notes: Citrus, French rose, blackberry, fig, spices, woods, and amber


Annick Goutal Duel: EDT 15 ml, dabbed twice 25.00 musky tea and violets notes:wild orange, absinthe, heather, Paraguay seed, absolu maté tea leaves, iris root, leather, tobacco, musk

Worth Courtesan 90ml  75% full 80.00  warm and sexy gourmand.  goes for 3.75/ml at TPC and impossible to find stateside.  notes: cinnamon, cardamom, clove, pineapple, red berries, bergamot, orange blossom, egyptian jasmine, Turkish rose, woody notes, sandalwood, peach, caramel, raspberry, chocolate, cocoa beans, amber, vanilla and musk

Estee Lauder Youth Dew EDP 90% full 10.00

Shiseido Feminite du Bois EDP 5 ml full 15.00  warm plummy woods.  Love it, but bought the parfum before I received the EDP

Let’s call shipping 10.00, mostly to pay for a box and packing… but if you buy the Boid de Paradis, it’s free

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Happy New Year!

baby-new-year2008 was quite an interesting year. We’ll leave out all the real-world stuff, like the economy and the election etc and think about all the things I’ve managed to learn in teh hectic year of the toddler. 

2008, I surprised myself by embracing a perfume genre I previously shunned.  Before I drank the green koolaide, I detested anything in the green catagory, thinking of it as sporty or fresh, boring, for tomboys or women who prefer pantsuits and no-nonsense accessories and beauty routines.  No more.  I fell in love with the womanly animalic green and white wonder of Miss Dior.  I swooned then sought out a vintage bottle on ebay and swore allegiance to her.  I also found Cristalle to be a delightful spring and summer perfume for sunny days and find myself craving it from time to time.  To think I thought it would be hairspray and cut grass horror.  And Djedi…I remember the first time I applied the tiniest drop to my wrist and writhing in olfactory pain.  It was too strong, too smothering, too much for a novice two years ago.  But then, one stormy day after re-reading Wuthering Heights I GOT IT and desperately need to find my own stash.  After I win the lottery.  Fortunately Onda is a delicious ode to awesomeness.  Then there was Bandit, much respect, ma’am.

Other nasal realignments- Rose and Iris.  I feared the rose, thanks to Mom’s tearose perfume (sorry mom, but GACK!) and Iris-violets seemed too powdery, rooty etc.  Apres L’Ondee, Iris Poudre, Divine and various Amouage concoctions changed my tune. 

Great loves were a plenty!  Almost too many to mention.  But oddly, and this must be the pregnant hormones, I would try on a former infatuation and wonder what was I so jazzed about?  A few things that never failed were some of the above mentions, plus Delrae’s Amoureuse  and Neil Morris’ Swoon.  Lately I have been Loving Ormonde Jayne’s Tolu and Ta’if (rose again!) in parfum, which is the only way to go to get the full effect of her creations. 

Where there were great loves, there were also great disappointments.  What is up with the new wood obsession??? Granted, it’s better than the uber fruit and florals of recent days, but for heaven’s sake, if you are going to pretend to be edgy, do it right and shock some people!!! Magnifique and Sensuous, I am staring you down. 

What I am looking forward to in 2009:

Delrae’s Emotionelle is due here in the spring.  Divine has a new scent out that’s on my list to try, and there’s always a new Guerlain release around the corner.  Squee!  Plus, all the decants backed up in the candy jar …oh, and the new baby. 

How did I ring in the new year?  Last night was just the three of us at home, cooking a lobster, playing around and going to bed pretty early.  I wore Divine by Divine lovng the rose-tuberose gorgeousness and wishing I was doing something a bit more glamourous.  But ya know, glamour usually means a ball gown and champagne, both of which outr for me for awhile.  Today, we travel to my mom’s for Christmas part 4 and mom’s birthday as well.  What shall I wear? I’m debating EdM by Hermes (Eau de Merveilles for those unfamiliar) for it’s salty, subtle comfort or possibly a random draw. 

After the holiday madness settles down, I’ll be finishing the CB reviews I promised earlier, interrupted by the christmas craziness in Buffalo.  Possibly, I might work on some Comme des Garcon’s Incense impressions.  Totally dependant on the weather, as Winter refuses to stay here in Houston. 

Happy New Years, everyone.  Thanks for reading me, the sporadic, lazy poster.  I do wish to try to bring back my blogging goodness of posts pasts.  Seems to be a matter of energy lately and the fickle pregnant nose. 

PS Read The Chimes by Charles Dickens today.  and wear something reflective!

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