Haven’t we met before?

PQ is STILL in Buffalo, thanks to governmental inefficeincy.  So, I haven’t been too keen on sitting down to post.

That being said, how many times do you pick up a sample, or worse a FB of a “niche” perfume to find it smells almost exactly like something else?  I recently tried a sample of Beihl Parfumkunstwerke eoO1 and was immediately hit by its familiarairty.  It opens like Feminite du Bois,all cedar and fruit;  middles like a member of the Luten clan with more fruit and armpit and finishes with a Attrape Coeur- Organza Indecence vanilla sweetness. 

Actually, I quite liked it.   You get about three or four interpretations of popular hard to find or afford scents in one 100 ml bottle for 140 bucks, a bargin if you think about it.  Luckyscent outright admits eoO1 is a “holiday treat for fans of Femininte du Bois and Organza Indecence.” But doesn’t it bother people that the creativity to find something really different to offer the perfume crowd is drying up?  That there are so many odes to others?  That instead of Mona Lisa’s we are presented with a polaroid of the Mona Lisa? 


The sample is nifty, but definately not worth a FB purchase.  I wish to be a patroness of art, not imitation.

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  1. cool!

  2. godd!! very veryy goddo!

  3. terrible excuse for art

  4. I hate that’s picture

  5. hahahahahahahaha,
    well done old bean.

  6. great job. but try with other pics. its precious for all of us.

  7. i defenitly d0esnt like it!!!!
    its terrible

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