chestnuts or Maria McElroy Untitled #5

Mapel-y nutty, tweed. It almost comes on like a strong room fragrance or BBW horror, but quiets down with in minutes to something nutty and sweet, definately an allusion to honeyed roasted chestnuts.  My nose can smell the tactile effect of the velvety nuts released warm from thier dark brown shells, and drizzled with warm, slightly spiced honey. Reminds me almost of a dark brown fur coat. The concotion gets warmer, I detect clove mixed with some flowers.  Someone moved the nut compote closer to the flowers on the dinner table.  But it’s still a pleasant candle lit dinner with good friends and good wine on a cold snowy evening  

Infact, as the perfume wears on, a nice hint of low burning fireplace mingles with the spicy honey nutiness.  A sense of mild happy drowsiness overcomes me as hints of tobacco and brandy mix with a little of my favortie basenote combination patch and vetiver.  It’s warm,  cozy and slightly sexy.  Perfect for a cold evening at home with a warm blanket, book and a bowl of roasted chestnuts and clementines.  Though occasionally, if worn in warmer wearther a weird metallic green rears up, Untitled #5 by maria McElroy is a great Christmas choice for the cold…



Luckyscent blurbage: “There are paintings that shift when seen from different angles – what you thought was a still life of a bowl of fruit becomes a portrait, a pod of dolphins becomes a scene from mythology, birds turn into lizards and impossible architecture seems possible, with mad stairways leading every direction. We visit and revisit these works, loving the illusion, fascinated with the enigma, and intrigued by the skill of the artist. Untitled #5 by Aroma M’s Maria McElroy fascinates us in a similar way. Initially it is all about the nuts – rich, roasted chestnuts drizzled with honey. For just a moment, there is a subtle chocolate feel and we are certain we are headed for something heavy and caramel in the dessert category…but…no, we’re not … the sweetness becomes lighter, the nuttiness less pronounced and there is the icy hot tingle of clove entwined with lilting orange blossom and honeysuckle. Ahh, we think, I know now – a spicy floriental … except the nuts are still there, so maybe…. hey, what’s that? Is that brandy? Is that tobacco? Are we having a party now? Fabulous. So where does this all end up? At a beautiful, elegant scent that is extremely hard to categorize. We’ve never smelled anything exactly like it – yet it reminds of all sorts of things. Maria was inspired by the seasonal treats of Japan, where sweet roasted chestnuts mean it’s fall, and this is definitely autumnal and delicious. But for something based on chestnuts and spiced brandy, it has a surprisingly delicate and classic feel. You could wear this to the opera. Two words we never thought we see together in a description: nutty and sophisticated. That’s Untitled #5”

notes :Brazil nut, chestnut, cassis, honey, clove, honeysuckle, orange blossom, brandy, patchouly, tobacco, vetiver

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