a shadow of her former self

Today, cause I was lazy, I dabbed on a Miss Dior from a new-er sample bottle.  Remember my gushing review with the picture of Maureen O Hara in the wearing O the green series?  maureeno27hara-lovelettersNew Miss Dior is a pale, powder, dusty green shadow of her former goddess of sex and womanhood glory.  The opening was sharper, more like lawn than before.  And the warm animalic white-flower green monster heart?  GONE POWDERY.  Green powdery.  If it were a dried spice, it would be tasteless, odorless Parsley flakes used by people who can’t cook.  green-powder

I am not so nasally profecient that I can pinpoint what they left out or watered down, but I will say SOMEONE at DIOR NEEDS to be HUNG in DIRTY DIRTY SHAME for the profanity they have performed on a great and glorious masterpiece. 

Ahem… I need to get my blood pressure down here.  Can you tell I am deeply upset by this travesty?  Am I crazy?  Has anyone else sniffed a major difference between the two ladies? (both in parfum in my case)

I’ve been craving the smell of Miss Dior since the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I had amazong box seats, and the woman in front of me had the most lovely aura about her.  I acertained it was Miss Dior and have needed to smell it since.  I wore the vintage almost two weeks straight, and then came across a little bottle of the new disaster version.

lynchSO am I nuts?  Or are you in on my Dior Lynch Mob???

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  1. This is upsetting. We’re being squeezed to death. On one side is the whole freaking world being run by philistine bean-counters who would have no problem repainting a Picasso so it would match the sofa. On the other is a hillbilly horde of fleabay sellers who couldn’t tell a well-preserved classic scent from a bottle of Turpenoid; you pays your money and you takes your chances. I treasure my two inches of Sixties Miss Dior, but now I’m more reluctant than ever to wear it. Such a shame!

    • No kidding! I find myself hording the real Miss Dior and then chastizing myself for not enjoying it. I hunt around on ebay for more, but either balk at astronomical prices (currently 2 oz bottle going for 475 BIN ) or wonder if it’s real. LE Sigh.

  2. Oh that new stuff is a shocker – why do it?

  3. a sad state of affairs , with everything going extinct or on the endangered list…lemme get my lasso and rifle , let’s go girls….string em up…

  4. I’m IN! Just give me a torch and a pitchfork. I heard they have now done something awful to Diorissimo as well – barbarians! I don’t even dare to go to the perfume counter and try it for myself…..

    • Hey I figured out how to reply to comments! Boy I’m so tech unsavvy.
      Flora, you are in the gang.

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