Last week, I recieved a real godsend in the mail–a PRO version of the Clarisonic facial brush.  And I love it.  Three speeds, as opposed to the version sold at sephora with only two speeds, the third high setting speed to be used for body exfoliation.  Let me tell you, it’s really changed my skin.  The last few months I’ve been suffering from some skin blemish issues and it has made me miserable.  After using my new friend for about a week, my skin has seriously started to clear out and heal up.  Fabulous!!!

Downside–kinda pricey– it ran me 171.00 after shipping and discount–but I’m justifying it with the fact I’m not going crazy buying new products to combat my problem, which turned out to be a cleansing issue, not a product issue. 

The thing about the Clarisonic is it gives you  a deeper clean than you can acheive with your hands plus product.  The spinning brush (think like the sonic care tooth brush) really gets the crap off your face while mildly exfoliating.  The result is a better cleansing and much softer skin as it removes dead skin too.  Thusly, I’ve needed much less moisturizer and serum than before and I have the lovliest glow.

So check these things out.


Perfume wise…weird weather and holiday pressures have gotten me too bust to think to much about what I am wearing.  As of this moment I smell of Jand J’s lavender baby oil.  Daughter has worst  knot ever in her hair and I’ve been trying everything to get it out. Next step is peanut butter.  Hopefully that will work …

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