Yesterday at Sephora, I spritzed Bvlgari’s new Jasmin Noir and was pleasantly surprised!  I find most of Bvlgari’s women’s perfumes to be too well mannered for me.  Kind of the way you will never see me in a twin set and Khaki’s I never wear anything from thier feminine line.  Besides, my mom wears the orginal Bvlgari, and that’s just too weird, like wearing my mother’s under garments.  Ick.  I just creeped myself out a little bit.

Anyhow, for those of you still reading, not rocking yourself in fetal position, Jasmin Noir is delightfully naughty.  All the good dirtiness of jasmine hits you with full force after three minutes.  Then, we get downright raunchy when the woods mingle with the dirty panites, (jasmine) and stays interesting to the very lightly vanilla anise end. 

I have yet to sample a second time, but the next time in Seph’s I’m definately respraying.  A Bvlgari I can wear???  say it isn’t so!!

notes: green sap, gardenia, sambac jasmine absolute, almond, precious woods, tonka bean and licorice

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  1. Gosh, I should try this one again — the only time I sniffed it I just got blah department store fragrance. You make it sound fabulous!

    Love the new blog design!

  2. After reading other reviews, I wonder if my skin has the odd chemistry out on this one OR if the vintage Bois des Iles I was wearing earlier that day resurged out of no where into dirty goodness. I must respray!

  3. I am not a jasmin girl (can give me migraine) but my daughter loves it so I must tell her to give this one a sniff! Thanks

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