Haven’t we met before?

PQ is STILL in Buffalo, thanks to governmental inefficeincy.  So, I haven’t been too keen on sitting down to post.

That being said, how many times do you pick up a sample, or worse a FB of a “niche” perfume to find it smells almost exactly like something else?  I recently tried a sample of Beihl Parfumkunstwerke eoO1 and was immediately hit by its familiarairty.  It opens like Feminite du Bois,all cedar and fruit;  middles like a member of the Luten clan with more fruit and armpit and finishes with a Attrape Coeur- Organza Indecence vanilla sweetness. 

Actually, I quite liked it.   You get about three or four interpretations of popular hard to find or afford scents in one 100 ml bottle for 140 bucks, a bargin if you think about it.  Luckyscent outright admits eoO1 is a “holiday treat for fans of Femininte du Bois and Organza Indecence.” But doesn’t it bother people that the creativity to find something really different to offer the perfume crowd is drying up?  That there are so many odes to others?  That instead of Mona Lisa’s we are presented with a polaroid of the Mona Lisa? 


The sample is nifty, but definately not worth a FB purchase.  I wish to be a patroness of art, not imitation.

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420 views?!?!?! what happened?

Oh, they we all searching for “julie newmar”  google search is a funny thing isn’t it??

Look for a surprise review tommorrow.  Maybe even two if I can hide away long enough.

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Merry Christmas, And to All a Goodnight!

Merry Christmas, dear readers!  Here I am in Buffalo, NY enjoying a white Christmas with my family.  Today was the Xmas Eve event- dinner at MIL’s with all the crazy kids around, plus Two christmas teas.  Perfume choice– Theorema — slightly gourmand, nice slice of orange elegant, and very low key. 

Tommorrow– Xmas presents at SIL’s.  Perfume of choice, what else but Nuit de Noel???

I hope everyone is celebrating with those they love.  I’m off to cuddle up with my yearly Dicken’s Christmas tale, The Chimes, and ready myself for the early, early awakening.

Cheers, Snowflakes and Sniffs

Perfume Queen


PS:  Upcoming review CB ihateperfume Walking in the Air.  WITA was inspired by the snowy Narnian forest and the last snowflake scene in the nutcracker. Does it live up to the inspiration?  Stay tuned!

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chestnuts or Maria McElroy Untitled #5

Mapel-y nutty, tweed. It almost comes on like a strong room fragrance or BBW horror, but quiets down with in minutes to something nutty and sweet, definately an allusion to honeyed roasted chestnuts.  My nose can smell the tactile effect of the velvety nuts released warm from thier dark brown shells, and drizzled with warm, slightly spiced honey. Reminds me almost of a dark brown fur coat. The concotion gets warmer, I detect clove mixed with some flowers.  Someone moved the nut compote closer to the flowers on the dinner table.  But it’s still a pleasant candle lit dinner with good friends and good wine on a cold snowy evening  

Infact, as the perfume wears on, a nice hint of low burning fireplace mingles with the spicy honey nutiness.  A sense of mild happy drowsiness overcomes me as hints of tobacco and brandy mix with a little of my favortie basenote combination patch and vetiver.  It’s warm,  cozy and slightly sexy.  Perfect for a cold evening at home with a warm blanket, book and a bowl of roasted chestnuts and clementines.  Though occasionally, if worn in warmer wearther a weird metallic green rears up, Untitled #5 by maria McElroy is a great Christmas choice for the cold…



Luckyscent blurbage: “There are paintings that shift when seen from different angles – what you thought was a still life of a bowl of fruit becomes a portrait, a pod of dolphins becomes a scene from mythology, birds turn into lizards and impossible architecture seems possible, with mad stairways leading every direction. We visit and revisit these works, loving the illusion, fascinated with the enigma, and intrigued by the skill of the artist. Untitled #5 by Aroma M’s Maria McElroy fascinates us in a similar way. Initially it is all about the nuts – rich, roasted chestnuts drizzled with honey. For just a moment, there is a subtle chocolate feel and we are certain we are headed for something heavy and caramel in the dessert category…but…no, we’re not … the sweetness becomes lighter, the nuttiness less pronounced and there is the icy hot tingle of clove entwined with lilting orange blossom and honeysuckle. Ahh, we think, I know now – a spicy floriental … except the nuts are still there, so maybe…. hey, what’s that? Is that brandy? Is that tobacco? Are we having a party now? Fabulous. So where does this all end up? At a beautiful, elegant scent that is extremely hard to categorize. We’ve never smelled anything exactly like it – yet it reminds of all sorts of things. Maria was inspired by the seasonal treats of Japan, where sweet roasted chestnuts mean it’s fall, and this is definitely autumnal and delicious. But for something based on chestnuts and spiced brandy, it has a surprisingly delicate and classic feel. You could wear this to the opera. Two words we never thought we see together in a description: nutty and sophisticated. That’s Untitled #5”

notes :Brazil nut, chestnut, cassis, honey, clove, honeysuckle, orange blossom, brandy, patchouly, tobacco, vetiver

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a shadow of her former self

Today, cause I was lazy, I dabbed on a Miss Dior from a new-er sample bottle.  Remember my gushing review with the picture of Maureen O Hara in the wearing O the green series?  maureeno27hara-lovelettersNew Miss Dior is a pale, powder, dusty green shadow of her former goddess of sex and womanhood glory.  The opening was sharper, more like lawn than before.  And the warm animalic white-flower green monster heart?  GONE POWDERY.  Green powdery.  If it were a dried spice, it would be tasteless, odorless Parsley flakes used by people who can’t cook.  green-powder

I am not so nasally profecient that I can pinpoint what they left out or watered down, but I will say SOMEONE at DIOR NEEDS to be HUNG in DIRTY DIRTY SHAME for the profanity they have performed on a great and glorious masterpiece. 

Ahem… I need to get my blood pressure down here.  Can you tell I am deeply upset by this travesty?  Am I crazy?  Has anyone else sniffed a major difference between the two ladies? (both in parfum in my case)

I’ve been craving the smell of Miss Dior since the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I had amazong box seats, and the woman in front of me had the most lovely aura about her.  I acertained it was Miss Dior and have needed to smell it since.  I wore the vintage almost two weeks straight, and then came across a little bottle of the new disaster version.

lynchSO am I nuts?  Or are you in on my Dior Lynch Mob???

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Last week, I recieved a real godsend in the mail–a PRO version of the Clarisonic facial brush.  And I love it.  Three speeds, as opposed to the version sold at sephora with only two speeds, the third high setting speed to be used for body exfoliation.  Let me tell you, it’s really changed my skin.  The last few months I’ve been suffering from some skin blemish issues and it has made me miserable.  After using my new friend for about a week, my skin has seriously started to clear out and heal up.  Fabulous!!!

Downside–kinda pricey– it ran me 171.00 after shipping and discount–but I’m justifying it with the fact I’m not going crazy buying new products to combat my problem, which turned out to be a cleansing issue, not a product issue. 

The thing about the Clarisonic is it gives you  a deeper clean than you can acheive with your hands plus product.  The spinning brush (think like the sonic care tooth brush) really gets the crap off your face while mildly exfoliating.  The result is a better cleansing and much softer skin as it removes dead skin too.  Thusly, I’ve needed much less moisturizer and serum than before and I have the lovliest glow.

So check these things out.


Perfume wise…weird weather and holiday pressures have gotten me too bust to think to much about what I am wearing.  As of this moment I smell of Jand J’s lavender baby oil.  Daughter has worst  knot ever in her hair and I’ve been trying everything to get it out. Next step is peanut butter.  Hopefully that will work …

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Yesterday at Sephora, I spritzed Bvlgari’s new Jasmin Noir and was pleasantly surprised!  I find most of Bvlgari’s women’s perfumes to be too well mannered for me.  Kind of the way you will never see me in a twin set and Khaki’s I never wear anything from thier feminine line.  Besides, my mom wears the orginal Bvlgari, and that’s just too weird, like wearing my mother’s under garments.  Ick.  I just creeped myself out a little bit.

Anyhow, for those of you still reading, not rocking yourself in fetal position, Jasmin Noir is delightfully naughty.  All the good dirtiness of jasmine hits you with full force after three minutes.  Then, we get downright raunchy when the woods mingle with the dirty panites, (jasmine) and stays interesting to the very lightly vanilla anise end. 

I have yet to sample a second time, but the next time in Seph’s I’m definately respraying.  A Bvlgari I can wear???  say it isn’t so!!

notes: green sap, gardenia, sambac jasmine absolute, almond, precious woods, tonka bean and licorice

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M. Micallef Vanilla Aoud

A vanilla-smoke begining, perfect for cold weather.  Just before it get’s too vanilla incensy, a whiff of juicy PLUM cuts through the sweet smoke and makes me wrinkle my nose in a pleasurable way. I love the smell of a ripe plum.  Once upon a time I went on a mad perfume search after eating the most gorgeous smelling black plum.  The fruit naturally has a floral scent along with the sweet fruitiness and I could seduce anyman with properly applied plum juice.  Hmmm.  That sounded alot kinkier than I meant.  But you get the idea, right?

Oddly, the notes list the PLUM as PRUNE, which makes me scratch my head. Prunes, unless soaked in something nummy, are kinda dried things. Unless it is a nod to the prune’s concentrated flavor, as the perfumes plum note is rather strong, I don’t understand why they’d list prune.  just a peeve of mine I suppose.

Eventually, the vanilla plum wears down into cakey-vanilla benzoin, becoming a bit mainstream and dull. A strong compulsion to change perfumes hits me at the moment, as I try to wait for the musk to appear.  Where is the musk??

Unless the musk arrives, Vanilla Aoud will not be worn terribly often.  There are soooo many more interesting vanilla perfumes out there — Attrape Coeur, Vanilla 44, Hypnotique to name a few.

The rest of the season, I’ll be concentrating on the smells of Holidays.  What are your holiday perfumes?

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