Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey was pretty good, the guests are gone, dishes done (thanks hon!) and the child is asleep. I have found a quiet moment to be thankful for all the blessings I have recieved this year and the luck of my many indulgences. 

SOTD:  A thanksgiving tradition, Bois des Iles by Chanel.  It’s perfectly warm and gingerbready with a nice trail of musk and sandalwood to keep it from going into gourmand territory.  What did you all wear?


Tommorrow kicks off the official Christmas countdown!  I have box seats for the opening night of the nutcracker and can’t wait to wear a very Audrey dress with Louboutins and baby belly.  I MUST wear Caron’s Nuit de Noel parfum for the evening.

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Carnal Flower


Green slicing through the floral.  a bit of sea.  head swimming narcotic powdered sugar.  static sweat cling  lots of heat rising as the tuberose cloud emanates from my body.  I feel slayed by  myself, husband merely professes it is “mild.”  Amidst all the tuberose glory is an undercurrent of panties desperately in need of washing.

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Swooning for my SOTD

swoonSomething in the air today is off, it feels like spring.  Texas weather, as so many of my readers and Aimee at MossyLoomings knows is unpredictable.  Here we are in Novemer, a few days are frigid, today is going up to the high 70’s and something smells spring-like in the air.  I have a deep craving for Neil Morris’ Swoon. 

reminder of the notes:

Top: Orange, Fruit Note
Heart: Tomato Leaf, Philodendron, Dossinia, Jasmine Sambac, Peony, Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Black Tea
Base: Oakmoss, Agarwood, Civette, Musk, Patchouli

Looking back on the orginal post, I sampled this in spring, maybe this is the reason for the craving.  In whatever case, I bought a new sample size of it after my old one mysteriously disappeared.  The juice is darker in color, the orange topnote more pronounced, but the heart is just as interesting.  My nose feels as though it is on mute today, as everything smells a bit more subtle, but I am still loving this one for it’s innocent naughtiness. 

Soon I’ll be posting on something new — just waiting for the nose to go back on full blast and the preggers comfort smell cravings to go away. 

What are you folks wearing today?

Oh– and while decanting some Fredric Malles for Carol, I was re-stunned by Carnal Flower yesterday.  If you find Fracas too hot pink, give it a sniff.  It’s incredibly sexy

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Scent if the day November 19

Today I randomly drew Ormonde Jayne’s Tolu.  I wrote a post last year here, and am reminded how warm and sensuous it is and that every word of the review still holds perfectly true.  Oddly, however, Husband commented “it smells like a normal perfume smell.”  Somehow I expected something more Shakespearean, or at least as interesting as yesterday’s reaction to Lucien LeLong’s Elle Elle (“smells like a freshly f*cked P*ssy”) but alas, he is a man.  At least I felt sexier!  An order of the parfum is on the way and the battle between Tolu and Ta’if begins for an OJ full bottle purchase.

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My Scent of the Day

Today begins a temporary change of direction in my perfume blog.  Until life and stomach settles down, posts will be in the SOTD style.

Today, I actually hada a day where I didn’t feel green from the minute my feet hit the carpet.  I put on real clothes, did some hair and make up and decided MDCI’s Enlevement Au Serail was perfectly feminine and sexy for the day.  I need to devote a longer post to the glories of the composition and the marvel of Claude Marchal’s excellent customer service.  But I will say this : Imagine Mitsouko and Femme producing a love child, that would be Enlevement Au Serail.  Enough said.

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Look folks.  It’s time to vote.  It would be ideal if everyone COULD vote.  But you know what?  SOME PEOPLE SHOULDN’T !!!  Yes, I said it out loud.  Don’t vote if you don’t know the issues.  Don’t vote if you are only voting because you think the guy is cool/charming/the messiah because Oprah said so or because he’s a POW and simply the lesser of two evils.  PLEASE WEIGH the issues.  What will actually help the country, your family, your business?  If you can not consider the issues, do not know the issues, then PLEASE do not vote.  Stay home.  Watch TV.  Eat Cheetos.  Don’t kill my country.

Just for the record, neither candidate impresses me. at all.  I won’t allow nasty comments, so don’t leave them.

On another note, Fendi Theorema is absolutely gorgeous and my sanity saving scent of the day.

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