I was tagged!

the pregnant procrastinator was tagged… um… awhile ago.  So, I really can’t tag anyone as everyone I know blog-personally has already been tagged, and it’s bad form to retag, so here are my six random things


1. I make my own yogurt with a machine, starting with fage yogurt as a base, 2 pounds, 2 oz of milk and 8 oz of cream.  It is the best yogurt I’ve ever had and I seriously get withdrawls when I am away from home. 

2.I found Planters Cheez Balls at the local blockbuster.  I even let my kid eat them.  I am so ashamed of my snack dirtiness.

3. I have a mild obsession with the macabre/occult.  I love tim burton’s films for this aspect and read anything about the salem witch trials or vampires I can find.  I’ve been this way since I was a very small girl and blame my mother’s weird movie obsession.

4. I knit. Lately, I’ve branched out from blankets and scarves to socks.  For some crazy reason I’ve decided I MUST make a pair of alpaca wool socks since I was seduced by the super soft, super warm sample pair at the yarn shop.

5.  I’m 29.  I have 1.5 kids (one is baking, hence the .5) I’ve been married 6 years to a man I dated 2 weeks before we became engaged and married barely three months after meeting.  You could say I’m impulsive, you could also say I believe in fate and love at first sight.

6.  I’m a fantasic cook, even if I can’t currently bear the site of food.  I think my Dad even prefers my cooking to my moms.  that says something!

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Feeling Green

Ok, it’s been awhile since I have posted.  Mostly, I’ve been feeling a little green lately, and haven’t had the same zeal for perfume or certain foods.  Thusly…not much to report. 

As for Carol’s survey, I’m on it by the end of the day

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Happy Columbus Day!

What would you perfume him with?

I’m think L’Artisan Eau de Navigatuer — inspired by the spice trade….

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Estee Lauder Amber Ylang-Ylang

I will admit to being something of a snob.  a lot of a snob.  just ask anyone who knows me.  So, I was a bit sceptical when I heard about the new EL release Amber Ylang-Ylang as I wasn’t entirely impressed by Tuberose Gardenia (dodging tomatoes) or wowed by Sensuous.  Aside from the original Youth Dew, nothing has really called my name in the EL line.  Most of it is kind of predictable, and a few rather nice, but nothing spectacular. 

But I heard the perfumista buzz about the upcoming (now here) release of AY-Y and made my stop at Nordie’s this afternoon to give it a sniff.  Before I get to my reaction let me make an important note.

  I actually got a free sample!   That’s right fellow sniffistas, I was given, without asking, begging, pleading, or blackmailing, a carded spray sample in a glass vial– 2 ml!  Imagine that!!! A perfume company that GETS that people want to take a little home to wear around, test the developement without high pressure sales tactics based on the top notes!! Geniuses they are!  Estee Lauder gets a really big gold star in my book for courtesy here — particularily because the SA encouraged me to take it home and wear it and think about it, then come back later.  could have cried…

Right, so how does it smell? Good.  Really, really, Good.  Imagine Amber Narguile (JCE at Hermessence) without the sometimes perfect, sometimes cloying apple pie note.  Then add some incense and vanilla smoke.  Not quite gourmandy, but really very wonderful. 

This warm perfume begins with what smells to me of tobacco, light ylang and a little tiny bit of citrus.  Immediately, I feel as though I should be wearing a perfectly cut tweed suit -bracelet sleeves, very nipped waist and sexy pencil skirt- with something cashmere underneath. 

It’s intellectually sexy and definately invites someone to come closer, or possibly back to your country manor’s library.  I bet this will really take off outside in cooler temps and I can’t wait to try it there.  As the tobacco wears on, a little skin flash enters the composition, bringing out a little salty, humany sex.  Ylang-Ylang intensifies?

Further in I do get the warm spicy rose mingling with the tobbacco ylang sex goddess.  It’s feminine, warm and smart.  Finally, a bit of vanilla, which momentarily goes too sweet, as  vanilla scented pipe smoke can be, but it is quickly whipped into shape with incense smoke, almost dark, very resinous and bringing to mind the embers of a dying fire. 

Do I love this? resounding yes.  After my FREE sample runs out I will most definately be picking up a bottle, though I wonder if I am coughing up 300 for the parfum.  Just imagine this stuff intensified… wouldn’t that be glorious?  And the golden bottle, which is studded with agate and various stones is quite elegant, a perfect compliment to the elegant, warm and delicious juice.  Maybe they should have called this one Sensuous….

Estee Lauder’s copy “The richness of Amber and Ylang Ylang combined with the luxurious depth of Sandalwood and Vanilla.The second fragrance in Aerin Lauder’s Private Collection. Warm and inviting. Luminous and intimate.”  (no odd crap about molten woods here.  thank god. )

Thier offical notes :  Ylang Absolute, Italian Bergamot, Geranium Oil, Bulgarian Rose, Absolute
Cinnamon Ceylon, Incense, Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood, Amber

Weekly Poll Question — What would Daisy Buchanan of the Great Gatsby wear?  I’ve got a perfect dress and a hot date… suggestions?

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