Rainy Days

After all the heat of the summer I love our rainy days.  Houston summer weather usually involves a good rain storm in the afternoons to soak the parched earth and peoples, paving the way for the water cycle to prepare for another shower the next day.  It’s wonderful.  And it also means I can wear more autumnal things in the summer, satisfying some of my cravings.

My choices — 

Serious Thunderstorms- the kind with lots of lightening and loud booming thunder claps deserve Onda or Djedi.  Either are particularily good if you walk around in the storm.  You can pretend to be Catharine exploring the moors, waiting for a wet-shirted Colin Firth to ride up on his magnificent steed…. you know where this is going.  The dark almost oppressive nature of these perfumes matches the romantic (as in gothic-romantic, not valentine romantic)  mood of the storm perfectly.  Unfortunately I am down to my very last drop of Djedi and not quite ready to part with 60.00 for a decant…yet.  Soon though, after I get over some buyers guilt from the last perfumed court spree.

Heavy rains without the natural theatrics — Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental is a great perfume for this kind of rain.  It opens slightly bright and then delves quickly into soilish roots, chocolate and ends with musky woods and mosses.  A cousin to my other favorite Le Labo Patchouli, it’s almost comfortable, yet exotically dark.  Both perfumes welcome snuggling, but also usher a mysterious aura and spurts of creativity too. 

Light rains — Apres L’Ondee for the almost clean, thoughtful muskiness and florals.  Refreshing, cleansing and perfect for light rains. 


What are your favorites for rainy days?


cool picture, huh?

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  1. Ohmigosh, *exactly* what I’ve been thinking! Sooo relieved to get some rain here in Austin, too. I love rainy day perfumes — your post inspired me to wear one of my favorites (L’Heure Bleue) and blog about it today, in fact. And also got me thinking about the fantasies that I associate with certain perfumes.

    So yeah, gothic manses and windswept moors? Check. I guess I need to smell Onda! And what about Soivohle’s Underworld, which I read about recently? Or Wild Hunt? Ghaah, I need to smell all of those. Have you tried any?

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I have some onda I could send you a little sample of if you like.
    The underworld sounds fascinating. we need to find some! and I do like Wild Hunt. I might have a little of that around here somewhere

  3. Since it’s vacation, you need a laid-back scent, something like Bronze Goddess.

    You’ll also need something soothing, especially after a long car ride with the entire gypsy clan….perhaps something gourmand, something you can melt into after a long noisy day, like Bois Farine or Lost Marc’h Lann-Ael or better yet, Vero’s Kiki.

    If you plan to go out on a “hubba-hubba” evening, you need an intoxicating sexy fragrance, perhaps Rochas Femme?

    BTW, love your blog! Have a great vacation!

  4. Yes, the rainy weather makes me want to stay home and read some Jane Eyre or some Pride and Prejudice. What is it about moving to a sunny, hot locale that just makes me crave dreary rain? I’m a crazy Anglophile, so there ya go.

    So to your lovely offer: oooh, yeah, why don’t you email me, and maybe we could do a little sample swap, since you mentioned wanting to sniff that vintage L’HB?

    Yeah, and I think it’s poshpeasant.com that has samples of Underworld. I am thinking about ordering one.

    Have a great vacation!


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