Fueling the Chaotic Fires

Everyone has been posting the news that Donna Karan has re-released her loved but discontinueds –Chaos, Black Cashmere, Fuel, Signature as well as the Essences.  And the stampede begins!  Luckily, I have a few samples of Chaos, Black Cashmere, and possibly Fuel to review and fuel the fire.

Let’s look at the notes for Chaos: sandalwood, cardamom, cinnamon, padukwood, agarwood, saffron, clove, amber, musk, sage, lavender, chamomile, coriander

My sample, I believe is the parfum, my preferred formula for most any perfume. (except my Jicky.  PDT PLEASE)  A generous swab on the pulse points renders a woodsy, warm emanation from my skin.  Wafts of silliage welcome those around me to get closer to sniff in awe.  And they do.  I wore this out all day yesterday while shopping and having lunch.  People did stand that much close and many asked me what I was wearing. 

As it wears on light handed spices mingle with the wispy smoke of the woods until the herbal-florals comeout.  Somehow, they are just floral enought to compliment and add to the sweet-spice of the incense and woods, but not so floral as to take away from the slightly bitter floral edge.  Chaos is very close to her darker sister Black Cashmere in feel — the light gateway scent to the DK incense. 

The bottle, a crystal dagger was genius, and very covetable, though now impossible to find, unless you are willing ot shell out a big wad o [aypal on ebay. However, with the newly re-released EDP’s being so reasonable, it’s not a perfume we can long to smell and spend hundred on ebay.  Lucky for us, because the drydown, on my skin at least, in soo pretty.  Somehow, the woods, wispy smoke and light herbs and spice become this almost joyously bubbly bath-gel scent.  I say bathgel, because you could say it’s soapy, though that would be inaccurate.  Soapy perfumes have a sour-bitter edge.  This dry down is almost foamy, still kind of clean with a kont of musk.  Very nice!

I prefer Black Cashmere of the two, which I shall review in the next day or so.  But, I also suspect if I could spray Chaos I might be convinced to switch my allegiance, particularily if there was a sumptous body cream involved. 

Come on now.  Get cold.  Let’s get Fall and the sweater scents on people!

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