Carnation for Summer Guerlain Metallica

It’s August in Houston. People are melting on the pavement.  It’s hotter than hell and I find myself desperately wishing for fall and fall weather, and most of all fall perfumes.  I’m so very tired of greens and citruses and the lighter things you must wear to keep from smothering those around you.  I am looking longingly at Bois des Iles and my deep incenses, alas they just don’t seem right.  But I may have found a compromise.

Guerlain Metallica/Metalys contains vanilla, ylang ylang, rose, carnation, iris, tonka bean and amber.  It’s sweet, creamy, spicy and yet light as well.  Where Caron’s Poivre is a hot, steaming bath in Chai tea, Metallica (version I hold) is a delicate iced chai latte, light on the cream.  As the light vanilla spiked with carnation spice moves in ending the opening act, a slightly feral ylang ylang and rose become subtly present. 

The florals are a mere suggestion, just enough to keep Metallica from being a complete gourmand experience.  The tiny touch of musk in the ylang-ylang also keeps the perfume from being another pleasant-too nice work and rose adds a dry powdery touch, evoking a cooling feeling from the perfume.   A welcome effect in the summer heat. I envision cotton sundressed edged with a little lace, porch swings and pillows. 

Incidentally, does anyone else find Chanel’s ylang-ylang one of the best mass market ylangs out there?  Thier use haunts me with it’s exquisite presence whereas Guerlains use *in this composition* merely renders a nice compliment to the gourmand vanillas and ambers.  As the the ylang and rose quietly recede into the background and carnation becomes more muted, the amber comes forward, warming the perfume like the last rays of the setting sun, golden, glorious and full of the last few moments of the day.  Meanwhile the iris and vanilla (the tonka) are the slight cool of the summer evening setting in over my shoulders.  The traces of amber continue to hold heat, like sidewalks retain the heat of the day for a few hours in the night.  The next day, a faint whiff of amber and vanilla are all that is left of the warm summer evening.

While it is not completely satisfying –I want my FALL — it does help get through the day and is easily appreciable.  But, like i said, I still want my sweaters and sweater scents.  and a sweater girl figure too.  What do you guys where in the ennui between seasons?  Suggestions?

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  1. I’m with you! I live in Austin, and we have a *chance* of rain today and I’m ready to make some kind of deal involving my right arm and/or unborn children to get some rain. dammit. I’ve been lusting for a full bottle of Bois des Iles as well, but I might as well wait til Christmas to buy it, since I can’t imagine wearing it until then.

    I don’t like citruses, but I seem to be wearing a lot of iris, aldehydes, and smoky/tabacco scents now that I’m getting tired of my many green fragrances after three straight months of 100-degree temps. Earlier in the summer it was Miss Dior, Diorissimo, Silences, and Chanel 19 edt, but now I’m wearing Infusion d’Iris, Je Reviens Couture, Chanel No. 5 parfum, Diorling edt, and Habanita edt at night.
    Hang in there!

  2. I need to send you some Santa Maria Novella eau de Cologne…the original Medici splash . Very cooling .
    What did you think of the La Base ? chilly to me…

  3. ps…I’ve never smelled the Metalys…you make it sound like my kinda thing .
    You would like the Villoresi Yerba Mate I think .

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