Ce n’est PAS Magnifique! — Lancome

Oh how I love to troll the suburban mall where my parents live.  It’s like a trip down memory lane as that was the place to hang out, sneak out to (with boys, we used to have a movie theatre.  many an illicit P13 feel up!) and of course, spend your hard earned babysitting cash.  These days the place is taking a nice turn for the upscale with shops my big city galleria does not even offer.  Who would have thought? 

Anyhow, I digress.  During my leisurely stroll, I stopped by the Lancome counter to sniff the new Magnifique, which, if you have been living under a rock or just started obsessing over perfume, is the newest offering for Lancome and is promoted by the lovely Anne Hathaway.  Magnifique is composed by Oliver Cresp (who also composed the modern Femme) and meant to be the scent of red.  Notes include: saffron essence, cumin, Bulgarian rose, Mai de Grasse rose, jasmine, sandalwood and vetiver and nargamota (something like vetiver).  All very well and good, how does it smell?

Well, a sniff from the bottle nozzle brought to mind cherry coke. 

 It seemed to have a carbonated effect, combined with some sweetness, which is not exactly a bad thing.  Spraying gave me a shot of citrus, and loads of sweet, almost fruity flowers.  Where the cumin was, I do not know, it did not grace me with it’s presence, which greatly dissappointed me as I adore Cresp’s use of cumin in Femme.  Tra-la-la, warmish, sweet florals and woods for six hours until I get a slight bit of pepper and semi earthy woods.  Not dark, not mysterious woods, just … fashionista woods.  Like they have been sanitized, vaccumed and readied for photo ops.  The dry down is kind of nice, but really nothing to roll over or in and die for. 

Le verdict?  Je ne suis pas impressed.  It is different for a department store perfume, but really nothing to shout about.  I’d probably take it over Sensuous, the other highly campaigned and anticipated make-up counter perfume arrival.  At least I can cross it off the list of things to try and possibly buy.  Has anyone else tried it?  I believe most stores get it around the 12th of August, as the Sales Associate informed me, and yes, they are pre-ordering.  Desperately so!

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  1. not reading good things about this one…but your new look…now THAT’S MAGNIFIQUE!!

  2. Congrat’s on the makeover! Much easier to read– thanks!

    Looking forward to trying Sensuous . Not so much hurry to try Magnifique…. fruity flowers is a NO for me.

  3. I was in the mall yesterday and tried Magnifique.
    Not bad for Lancome and I actually like it better than Sensuous.
    I probably would wear it if somebody gave it to me, but as for buying, I don’t knw. I would have to try it again and then I would get the smallest bottle. Saving my $$ for other things (perhaps Serge Noire or the new Killian Hennessy fragrance.

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