I’ve been doing some sniffing at various samples I have bought from TPC’s mega sale and while a couple things have floored me, which I like to review in detail, a great many have given me other reactions  I would like to share.

Profumum Fumidus — notes listed : distilled scotch, vetiver root and birch bark.  Should be something a manly-man should wear, while hunting fox in the moors.  sexy.  Instead, I got BACO-S.  (imitation bacon bits for those of you who have never encountered the cardboard crispies) seriously, spray some of this stuff and then open a container of baco-s and sniff.  same stuff, except with a slight alcoholic tinge.  My search for the perfect man fume continues. (notes wanted: scotch, some dirt, gunpower, tabbacco and leather.  mmmmm) 

Hermessences Vetiver Tonka — This has been lauded as a masterpiece.  I smelled dirty, semi sweet plastic. ugh.  JCE and I don’t play well together.  His Rose Verbena, Osmanthus and Paprika Basil were duds too.  Brin Religess and Poivre Sacramande are still under consideration.  the former is quite interesing layered with Amber Narguil.  which is deeelightful. 

M. Micallef Watch–jasmine and vanilla.  Would this be an interesting Songes like perfume?  Nope.  bubblegum. later it get’s semi interesting, but not enough to deserve a spot in the coveted “use” bowl. 

Lucien LeLong Indiscret–  ooh interesting!  Orangy, warm, sweetish, a little powder as well as some resins.  This stuff reeks of class.  I suspect it will become better in cool weather and gets put in the “fall trial” baggie. 

Lucien LeLong Elle Elle– billed as the most animalic feminine perfume ever– I don’t know.  I tried it once and was not blown away with skank, but instead at how beautiful it is.  I get some lily and spice and everything just so very nice.  It’s one I’ll be retesting several times and staring down bottles on ebay.  I do hope future wearings brings out the skank monster…


What have you guys been sniffing lately?

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