amouage 25 candy jar friday returns

In the opening I definately get the lemon which gives ylang ylang a civety-cuminy effect.  Civet can go either way on me — either luscious velvet or cat pee. Never the pleasant skanky cat pee, just the ammonia in the catbox nails on the chalkboard kind.  Fortunately, this is the velvet version.  It is almost juicy, like a ripe peach and slighty herbacous.  Actually, I am really surprised I am getting cumin-peach here.  PST lists tarragon and davana in the notes, which would explain the slight savory in the sweet.  The color I see here is the luminous gold of the sun behind the clouds.  Oddly, bits of Femme drift about, though it is more of a muscatto d’meil than Femme’s full bodied red. 

Imagery—imagine just getting out of the bath after a good soak and scrub.  You are clean, but not really perfumed.  Infact a sniff under your underarm reveals the lingering bit of natural body odor clinging to you despite the soap.  This womanly perfume is silky, pampered, refined yet still dirty in a natural way.  good stuff

notes: ylang ylang, lemon, rose, frankincense, amber, vetiver, patchouli, musk and myrrh.

noon update — I smell flowers some rose- dark oil of rose and more ylang with spice.   This is definately sexy in a refined way, more of a decollete’ clavicle sexy as oposed to cleavage sexy.  When compared to the man-fume version it is certainly the cooler Diana to the warmer XXV’s Apollo.  I’m getting a little leather and Iris now and just ordered a larger decant. 

The end of the perfume became a lightly musky woody affair with a trace of incense.  Lasting power was pretty impressive, about 12 hours or so from end to end of the perfume.  Amouge Jubilation 25 made me want to wear a dress and red lipstick all day, even though I wasn’t going out.  It was wonderful to feel so ladylike, yet not fridgidly so.  Like Miss Dior, 25 is all class and bone structure on the surface, but warm blooded and softly sexy underneath, though much less aggressively sexy than Miss Dior.  I am looking forward to my larger spray decant.  Amouge 25 may find a spot on my shelf. 

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  1. I really like this scent, it very “retro” to my nose, and in a good way, very sexy yet refined like a vintage Guerlain that has not been ruined by reformulation. I have only a small decant as well, and having evil thoughts about a bigger one….

  2. Hi Flora!

    Those thoughts are evil! I only upgraded to a 2.5 ml as anything bigger seemed silly. I know I am putting of the eventual full bottle…but it’s so expensive. Maybe for my next bottle split.
    It does have a retro feel. No candy-floral-woodsy stuff, just straight feminine armpit with indolic florals. Because that’s how we girls really smell, right?

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