angelique sous la pluie

I’ve kind of been on a Fredric Malle Binge in the last few months.  Slowly, most of the line has been creeping into my possesion and growing on me.  I adore Iris Poudre, which is my favorite Iris.  So grown up and beautiful and purple smelling.  Carnal Flower is a tuberose creation that somehow mimics female natural aroma in it’s floral-ness.  Musc Raveguer swings between naughty girl and comfort skin smell, somewhat rivialing Jicky in my affections.  My appreciation for the line grows as I continue to sniff.

Today and Yesterday I’ve been test driving Angelique Sous la Pluie, a Jean Claude Ellena creation.  JCE and I are not always friends.  Most of his creations are too foody and minimal for me to love to wear.  I didn’t like most of his Hermessences, and Elixir des Merveilles does nothing for me either.  However Amber Narguil is big and beautiful and causing me to hurry autumn.  ASLP is an interesting work.  the pepper-gin accord mimics Eau des Merveilles, though more transparent.  the angelica-cedar gives a wateriness that is not over aquatic and does give one the sense of standing in the rain.  Cedar and musk radiate a warm skin scent–skin that is warm under the chilly rain.  Yes, skin warmed from vigourous walking in a field during a rainstorm.  The contrast between the warm and dark versus the cool, wet and transparent are certainly at play here.  Somewhere in there the Musk is reminds me of an Indian friend of mine whose natural skin scent intrigued me, possible the coriander in the composition that is a spice heavily used in Indian cooking? The tail end of the not so long lasting perfume is sort of Bulgari-ish, another JCE haunt.  I wonder if he is simpling using a signature or slicing and dicing old formulas to create a new compostion.

Light and inoffensive with out being conventional, one can wear this to the office as easily as one can wear it if you are outside all day–in fact that brings out the pepper-rain-musk goodness in a better concentration.  I might even venture to wear it on a date.  ASLP is almost energizing.  Currently I have it in a 1.5 ml sample spray.  What will happen when I run out, I do not know.  I suspect I will not go full bottle, as it does remind me quite a bit of Eau des Mervielles, which is already in my collection, well loved, often used and much less expensive.  (Though lately, I am prefering the more concentrated Parfum Des Merveilles and need to track some down) However I might replace my little vial with a slightly bigger decant as it seems just right for certain occasions–outdoors, small spaces and the need to wear something airy yet still slightly musky. 

Stay tuned for some sniff-lets of a batch of decants I recieved in the mail. 

notes: angelica, coriander, pink pepper, and cedar

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  1. girlfriend you make this sound approachable , as too often Ellena’s minimalism just smells , fake , missing…but this sounds nice. I too love Ambre Narguile , we may have to split a bottle someday , around Thanksgiving…!?!

  2. We are SO on for that. it’s soo lovely.

    ASLP is pretty nice, though the more I smell it the more it reminds me of EDM which is WAY cheaper per ml. but I think AN is the winner of the line

  3. Carol and I are not scent-twins as I love two of the Hermessences. ((Hi C. It’s your sniffa roomie!))
    Enjoying your blog perfumequeen, and am going back to read your archives!
    Great review…Must sample ASLP again…

    (Apologies and comment: I can only read in short doses though, as the white type on black background is hard on my eyes…. maybe a new look someday a la the Perfume Posse’s multiple makeovers?? )


  4. Hi there GGS

    Yes, I will be revamping soon. Though lately I have been doing good to post 🙂
    I likes A.n. and possile povire sacramande and BR out of the hermessences. the others felt a little unfinished. One of the great things about a scent opposite is you know exactly who to send your rejects to!
    Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy it.

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