Vero Profumo Rubj

    In theory, this should have been my absolute favorite of the line.  The notes are : Moroccan sweet orange blossom, Egyptian jasmine, and musk.  On spray, I could smell something bitterly floral–the orange blossom I presume.  While it was bitter, dark and spicy, it was not at all unpleasant to my nose, though a bit unexpected.  Here and there I could smell the jasmine; a little salty sweet  indolic flower.  However, my favorite part was the musky drydown.  The drydown was delightfully animialic with leftover jasminey bits.  I could have glued my nose to my wrist and not care…

Why do I not turn backflips?  While it was pretty, it was unexceptional in the shadow of it’s siblings Onda and Kiki.  I would not call it unorginal, nor would I say it was a creative masterpiece either.  The spicy, mild floral quality seemed somehow familiar to me and the musk was musk.  Nothing to really write home about, unlike the other two perfumes in the line.   After two such interesting takes on perfumery, I was expecting something just as unusual and beautiful.  Alas…

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