Vero Profumo KiKi

Ages ago I tried Vero Profumo’s Onda, looking for a Djedi pacifier.  Intially I decided it was pretty good, but wanted the real thing.  However lately, with all the rain, Onda kept calling my name and I wore it three days straight, flinching a bit at the super dry leather but wanting to roll in the midnotes and drydown.  It was the perfect foil to the stormy days. 

Today, the weather cleared and I found myself looking at the other two samples for Vero Profumo wondering “what if”?  A random grab gave me KiKi’ the perfume I thought I would love least out of the three creations.  Why would I feel that way unsniffed? Caramel.  Not just Caramel, but POWDERY CARAMEL.  Sounds kind of nauseating, doesn’t it?  The other notes include lavender, musk and exotic fruits.  I expected a stomach churning smell that would only be appropriate on a dessert tray after many glasses of wine.  Maybe a lavender creme brulee served with kiwi and a side of coffee.  This perfume just had to be destined for teenagers or grown women who describe perfume with  “yuuuuummmmm.”  Certainly not for afficiandos.

However, I was pleasantly, estatically surprised.  Instead of sugar coma inducing dreck, I experienced a lacy, sniffable, warm lavender, remincecent of Guerlain’s Jicky. Though it follows the same lavender cut with something sweet to mask the dirty underneath, it is a warm blooded animal as opposed to Guerlain’s cooler creature.   

Kiki begins so oddly sweet, yet musky, yet lavender then sweet again.  I am drawn to the mysterious musky sex, but slightly repulsed by the almost sick sweet fruit mixed with the caramel.  Here and there the lavendar is mildy fecal, as is Jicky, but veers into more powder warmed by the sun.  KiKi brings to mind Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette — the powdered wigs, extravagant fashion, sex and desserts.  Remember the scene where she shops and eats cake?  Perfectly Kiki.   

Vero Profumo’s website describes Kiki as inspired by a burlesque, frivolous Paris.  Kiki is the smell of the boudoir of a 17th century successful courtesan.  Full of frills and intrigue, it transports the wearer to a place of decadence.  A place a someone responsible for all sorts of unsavory tasks day to day doesn’t often see.  For me, that place has been lingerie shopping at the uptown boutique with a starbucks and a short bread.  Not exactly the scene depicted in the picture chosen for the post, but as close as I get these days.  However, wearing Kiki makes it all the better.   Though it is sweetish and decadent, it can certainly be worn by a man. 

It’s quite possibly bottle worthy if I can justify the 105 Euros, which is unspeakable in USD.  Tommorrow I am determined to pull away the sample vial for Kiki and give Rubj a test.  If we were to go by note listings, it would be the favorite, though I seriously wonder if it can knock Kiki out of the neck and neck first place with Onda in my affections.  It is rare, not since DelRae infact, that I experience a line that I can appreciate all of thier offerings.  Vero Profumo is a talented artist, making each of her creations quite different for each other while maintaining quality of work.  More meditation on this thought in the upcoming Rubj post. 

Kiki notes: sex, candy and lavender.  ok fine.  powdery caramel, lavender, musk and exotic fruits.

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  1. you didn’t mention the BLACK PEPPER that waltzes all over up and down and around the lavender…pepperpepperpepper….it does settle and it is beautiflly unusal .
    It is what Le Feau D’ Issey wanted to be…

  2. Pepper? Maybe I was too blown away by the other notes to notice pepper. *scratches head and goes to look for sample*

  3. […] of Marie this Sunday, the thought has been on my mind all day.  In a past post, I decided Vero Profumo’s KIKI fit the bill with it’s decadent sweetness, musky frenchness and utter wrist glued to the nose […]

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