Sensuous? A Sniff for those in the boondocks.

So, meandering through Saks after another lingerie spree (they laced my lacies with crack.  I needed more!!) I spied a bottle of the much anticipated Estee Lauder Sensuous.  Could I resist?  Of course not! 

Unfortunately, the counter was unattended, so I could not engage an SA about it, but there was a tester both for the EDP and a lotion, I sprayed immediately!  And . . . well, it was nice.  There were definte warm woods, though more tepid than molten, and a good amount of the amber-sandalwood honey thing to give it a creamy undertone.  Definately some mandarine and a touch of florals to give it a slightly juicy tang.  It was light, quite wearable and rather pleasant.  Smelling it on my arm was like rubbing my cheek against a veil of summer weight cashmere.  Probably a bargain at the counter when compared with similar offerings.  Yes, similar. 

Lately, I’ve noticed alot of warm woody-creamy with a little fruit concotions in my sample bowl. (See a future review of Amouages and Fauve, not to mention Bois de Paradis) Frankly, Unless Estee Lauder intensified Sensuous or I decided whatever it’s cost was my spending limit, I don’t think I’d neccesarily spring for a bottle.  I’d rather save my pennies for something that really floors me, though I don’t doubt I’d definately give it a spray everytime I walk by the counter. Hopefully they will put out a parfum strength or a fall flanker to catapult the pleasant ghost into spectacular, warm and living creature.  Otherwise, it could become forgetable. 

notes with the ad-crap — lily accord, magnolia, jasmine petals, molten woods (come on now!), amber, sandalwood, black pepper(out of pink pepper?), juicy mandarine and honey. 


Happy Fourth of July, Y’all!  Thanks and thoughts to those who serve our country.

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