Lately I’ve had a case of the snark.  I’ve been mentally composing reviews that tear perfumes to shreds and it makes me feel all black and evil inside.  When such a mood strikes, the best course of action is to wear something you l-o-o-o-o-ve and get up the go to write about it. 

Amoureuse has had many loving mentions in my blog over the  almost year.  It’s one of those perfumes I reach for often, yet have been intimidated to write about how gloriously sultry, heady, feminine wonderful it is.  Seriously.  Delrae Roth should consider paying me (in perfume, of course!) to spokeswoman for the stuff. I’d sing it’s praises from the highest mountain top my 4 inch heels could climb.  It’s that amazing.

So what does it smell like for the few poor souls huddling on the cold outside of her warm embrace? It is said that Amoureuse’s inspiration drew from the box trees in San Francisco.  I’ve never smelled a box tree and couldn’t tell you if that is the spirit of the perfume.  What I smell instead is a sultry, glamourous, seductive Bollywood vision of India. The perfume unfolds something like a langourous dance of the seven veils….

Around Christmas, citrus fruit, especially tangerines and clementines are at thier peak in Texas.  They are absolutely ripe-juicy and begging to have the just soft enough skin peeled back to release the fruit.  When you dig in your nail to strip the peel off, you notice a fine spray of what seems to be almost a powder of citrus essence released into the air.  Your nostrils fill with the sweet scent of the fruit peppered with a slight bittery tinge of pith.   That is the tangerine opening of Amoureuse.   Cardamon and honey give the sweet tangerine a kick that leaves those in your wake staggering, wondering what exotic thing walked by at the fruit market.  Every so often a bit of moss contrasts the sweet spice, hinting at the dark secrets beneath the gorgeous stranger’s (that’s you, wearer) veil.   Soon, underneath the honey, flowers begin to bloom.  Warm Tuberose, skin like nearly rotting, jasmine and cool lily alternate between heady creaminess and the peppery spice of indolence.  It’s animalic-like a small pile of unwashed lacy under-things still clinging to the last bit of the night’s perfume as well as a more natural aroma. 

Almost indecently, Amoureuse sheds each perfumed veil down to near bare skin and a little sweetly perfumed sweat.  The sheer colored veils are strewn about the floor giving wisps of spice, green and florals.  The dancer (once again you!) shines with beads of sweat and promises of a private performance, somewhere sandalwood incense burns and heads swim dizzily with pleasure. 

Could the romantic interlude be a karmasutric, Sting-like Tantric affair?  Yes, somedays it is long and drawn out tantalizing you for hours with heady spice and skin.  Other Sunny days it’s making love in a field of flowers.  Madly bright, joyous and ripe with lots of laughter. 

Amouruese is seasonless, blooming in summer heat and warming in the winter’s chill.  I also hold the opinion it will become timeless as well.  In other reviews it has been said that if Patou’s Joy were composed today, we would have gotten Amoureuse.  I think I must agree.  Joy is a lovely jasmine-tuberose work, though composed with a powdery, soapy edge.  This approach is a bit dated these days, though once it was a true treasure–very expensive and worn with abandon and “joy” by those who chose it as thier own.  Amoureuse contains the same jasmine-tuberose idea, however the twist of spice, animalics and incense draw a more faceted woman. One who wishes to be and often can be exotic and darkly seductive in her form-fitting pencil skirts or sheer veils, however doesn’t hesitate to thrown on white shorts and a ginham top for an outdoor picnic and love fest.  She’s a bombshell with a multiple personalities. 

Delrae’s Amoureuse can be found at Luckyscent and a few other spots online, along with the coordinating body cream, which is divine as well.  I’ve also had an email from Delrae that reveals there will be three NEW RELEASES for the line later this fall.  The line’s body of work is extraordinary art and I am dying to get my hands on the new releases as soon as they come out as I am sure they will be wonderful too. 

notes: tangerine, cardamom, honey, cedar-moss, tuberose, jasmine, ginger lily and sandalwood

favorite quote found in research Amoureuse is “like Mae West with rabies” (baybe on make-up alley)  hit’s it right on the nail.

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  1. Here’s the black cloud to temper your bliss. I cannot wear DelRae’s…they have something in the base ( both Amereuse and Bois De Paradis do this in the dry down) , a bitter rancid note that goes all wrong after 15 minutes on my skin…sob…
    Beautiful review , but again it is all about body chemistry…
    I will mail you the iris samps today ( including a Dior Homme I found in the drawer. )

  2. whoppee!

    I am so sad you cannot wear delrae. they are magic for me. looking forward to samples. Anything you need lately?

  3. Lovely review! So good to see someone loving on Amoureuse so intensely. Just wanted to share that, both through personal observation and various corners online, it is comparable to the scent of Stargazer lilies. Add that on top of all the gorgeousness that is Amoureuse and it’s something of a holy grail scent! 🙂 (Perhaps that is part of the bitter undertone? So green, and very ‘lily’)

  4. Sara D–

    You are right, it is stargazer lilies! I have always adored the scent of stargazers. I find them intoxicating and utterly sensual. Once, I found a deal online to get 80 stems of stargazers for some unbeliveable price. I bought them and had a house full of gorgeous flowers and the smell…oh god!

  5. yes , all the more reason I was so ( bitterly ) disappointed , I too love stargazers , own a signed bottle of Yosh Stargazer …stargazer lilies are the only flower my S.O. ever buys for me…
    since I am going to Italy , I’d love any Italian samps you have…

  6. Italy is one country unrepresented. except for my bois d’ombre and sienne eau de l’hiver… do you have those? Quite delightful, though better for fall.

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