Nectarine Blossom and Honey by Jo Malone

You know Oprah is excited about something when she sing/shouts about it and or gives it away.  She “loves anything from Jo Malone!”  which only further proves my theory that to sell lots of something or perhaps take over the world, you must first get to Oprah.  I am thinking Jo Malone must do a few of her perfumes well, if we take the 1000 monkeys 1000 years and Shakepeare equation to heart, but Nectarine Blossom and Honey ain’t one of them.   

The name Nectarine Blossom and Honey conjures summer and fruit orchards and white linen to my mind.  The sort of thing you’d like to wear just out of the shower, playing with kids, outside or casually.  Something lady like and quiet but pleasant.  Kind of like a breakfast with tea and yogurt with Nectarines.  delightful?

Well, I sprayed and got my nectarines.  I was happy and egar for the rest of the compostion to unfold.  Boy was I sorry.  Instead of my summer day/evening I got summer orange juice morning breath.  Yick.  You know when you brush your teeth then have a glass of OJ? You know the after taste you are stuck with?  That’s Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey.  I felt complused to brush my teeth and swish a gallon of listerine. 

This is an experience not uncommon for me and Ms. Malone’s creation.  I have yet to find one I like despite the usual stop and sniff at Saks.  Maybe I am missing a bottle. 

So, unless you are a looking for a slightly more grown up Bath and Body Works alternative with a hefty price tag, stay away from the Jo Malone line unless you do some heavy sampling to find the monkey’s masterpiece. 


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  1. Don’t know about Oprah 😉 but in the Malone line the best ones are IMO Orange Blossom (quite true), Blue agave & Cacao (at least it’s original!) and Pomegranate Noir (a nice enough gourmand, darkish).
    I also kinda like Amber and Lavender (which is funny, as it doesn’t smell like either to me, thank God!), but for those prices, I have skipped it.

    You do make this sound horrible, but I wasn’t impressed myself either, so no grudges (just kidding!) 🙂

    (oh and btw, one note: I think it was Chandler Burr who went nuts over Bois de Paradis?? I kinda remember so.)

  2. Ah Helg, thanks for the correction on that. I think I was reading about a million reviews on the Bois de Paradis and a few things may have converged.

    Next time at Saks I’ll give the Malones you suggested a sniff.

    Mean, wasn’t I? Must not have has my daily does of chocolate.

  3. I want to like her fragrances , but I have yet to find one I can wear…maybe they are too linear for me , and a little astringent .
    Go chocolate , I love Coppeneur eau de cacao…*grins*

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