Iris Silver Mist and a Versace Bright Crystal Scathe-er

I realize as a blogger I am late in the game.  I rarely review new things that have just been released.  I feel like much of the new release are crap geared towards people who just don’t care about what they wear or haven’t matured thier sense of smell yet.  Don’t get me started on the “brand new versace bright crystal for her” the Saks SA attacked me with.  I can some it up as a shrill, obnoxious, ruffled bright floral dress.  Much like the one worn by one of the guests at the tarts and vicars party in the Bridget Jones movie.  The one Bridget’s mother thought hadn’t recieved notice about the change of dress plans but did.  It does suit Donetella Versace well though, esp if she worre such a dress.  Yikes.

notes for Versace Bright Crystal Iced Accord, Yuzu, Pomegranate, Peony, Magnolia, Lotus Flower, Acajou, Vegetal Amber, Musk

     — I looked at the notes and though oh! Peony, amber and musk!  this could at least be interesting!  but an ICED accord?  Pomengrante??  I swear they looked at what’s the most popular Crystal Light (drink) flavor and thought “oh I bet if I throw in some flowers and pretend to put in an animalic, this will smell great.  Or at least Britney will sub it out for her favorite purple drank.”

Where was I?  Right . . . slow to the blogging game.  So typically, I like to review things that are new to me that you probably have read about before, which isn’t really a bad thing.  I loved to have millions of opinions on the perfumes I obsessively googled in the begining of my perfumista awakening.  I focused on the list in the Bombshell Manual of Style, but now I am coming around to things I ignored before.  Such as the Iris

I first began to appreciate the Iris after finally “getting” Apres L’Ondee, the Iris baby head concotion of Guerlain that rocks my mama world.  Next I tired Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir which wasn’t really Noir as I think of it, but nice most of the time and deserves a revisit. 

 Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens starts as agressive cloves and dirt.  In cooking it is suggested you toast your spices before you grind them to bring out thier flavor.  The opening is as though I slightly over toasted cloves and then dropped them into a pot of dirt in the garden to compost. You smell the cloves, the dark, slightly moist earth and the green leaves of teh plant in the pot.  This is dark and strange for me, alludes to the oncoming of rain.  Every so often a glimpse of pale lilac buttery mist creeps along  through the earthiness and around the Cristalle-like green.  Although most people find this a cool perfume, I find a little warmth in a slight animalic musk interlude.  In the end I get woods and more Chanel Cristalle green, though muted. 

If this perfume were a commercial, I’d set it in the woods.  Green trees, dark earth and thunder.  Cue the music and a pale Brunette Goddess glides through the woods dripping with rain, nude save  for a pale lilac veil of fabric clinging to her wet skin and trailing behind her.

Like the commerical, the glorious iris only lasts about a minute on me, but it is a beautiful minute and unforgotten.  Maybe a superbowl commercial?  Not my favorite Iris, which title is currently held by Apres L’Ondee.  I like to refer to Iris Poudre in Fredric Malle, as it stands up to my skin and emits a lady like, juicy leather tone. A very interesting addition to my decant collection. And for all purposes Yea Serge. 

The King says : “nice but subtle” I think my skin devours Iris Only real issue is the look during this conversation.

Stranger “you smell nice”

me “thanks.  I’m wearing Iris Silver Mist”

Stranger “Isn’t that a cheap soap brand.  I didn’t think it would smell that interesting”

So this is the second official Iris Quest posting, look for more in the future.  I have Fath Iris Gris in the drawer as well as Le Labo.  Any other suggestions?

Look for a picture after the next computer restart.

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  1. I can send you samps of Hermes Hiris , PG Iris Taizo and a decant of Guerlain Iris Ganache…the only one I have smelled that you mention is the classic Apree L ondee which I bought at a yard sale very cheap years ago , before I knew the house of Guerlain . When I saw the pristine bee bottle , I knew it had to be something valuable…

  2. I have also been discovering iris – a new note to me and one that seems perfect for spring. The iris in Iris Silver Mist lasts a very, very long time on my skin, sometimes even into the next day. I really love it’s earthy, rooty, intense iris scent.

    I have also been trying/loving Chanel 29 La Pausa – nice iris with the Chanel touch – and The Different Company Bois d’Iris – iris with a bit of spice. I haven’t decided, thought, if they are full-bottle scents.

  3. I’d love those samps Carol. Except for the Iris GrityourteethGanache. that was a white chocolate mess. Actually, I have an aversion to white chocolate in food, so in perfume you can only imagine how that makes me feel. yicky.
    Anything you’ve been hankerin’ to try?

    Kim I’m retrying the ISM in the next day or two. Might have been an off nose day or it might be that weird accord my nose cancels out in some perfumes. Nice to see ya here 🙂

  4. haha…I tried to pass off the Ganache on you…I can’t tolerate white (un)chocolate food either…I’d like to sniff the Silver Mist…will send samps soon.

  5. I caught ya with that dirty trick!!! I think I’ve had three or four people send me thier “beloved” Iris Ga-nast. Either that or the vials are infecting innocent vials with thier essence and labels. shudder. I can’t believe the creator is now the Guerlain nose. I can only hope he does something interesting

  6. You might also try Bois d’Iris by the Different Company
    and Iris Bleu Gris and Fleur d’Iris by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
    I haven’t tried Creed’s Irisia, but it might work for you.
    What about other non-niche offerings like Dior Homme, Iris Nobile by Acqua di Parma and Prada Infusion d’Iris?

    Iris is such a fun quest, isn’t it?

  7. The Prada was a little to clean for me. My skin tends to eat things that don’t have a little darkness in them to hold them together. I just got a sample of BdI by TDC and was just applying it when I read your comment. The others I shall add to my list of to try!

    Thanks for the suggestion and welcome to the blog, I hope to see more of you 🙂

  8. Did you get the samples I sent ?

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