Pink Room No 1 by Carol

Many times in the last few years I have said that I don’t get along with roses anymore . My signature fragrance from the moment it was released in the early 80’s was YSL Paris . After almost 8 years I got tired of it . Don’t laugh. That was 20 years ago . After searching and smelling many fragrances , I realized I wasn’t looking for a signature scent anymore , the ONE . I wanted to smell EVERYTHING ..  The last thing I went looking for was a new rose fragrance , and yet that is what I found.

  The Pink Room No. 1 has held my attention since I first noticed it on Luckyscent . Not for the jus , for the packaging ! Yes the description sounded nice , but roses and I you know ..
   And then , an adorable roll on came along and *bam* that was it , I. HAD . TO . HAVE . IT . As fate would work , Sarah Barton-King was to be at Sniffa Spring Fling so my plan was to buy her pink creation straight from her hand . Maybe sniff it first .
   And I did ..
   Can I say I love roses again ?
   A rose petal is a very erotic thing. When you close your eyes and feel it , there is an aliveness that mimics human skin ; silky , cool , and soft. Much different than the rosebud , or the rose bush,  the petals reveal no dirt , no green , just creamy softness . Leave them to dry a bit , and they become dusky , almost powdery, but retain that pearlescent quality . This is The Pink Room No 1 when applied to skin , cool and soft like cream on peaches….then a whole bouquet of violets joins in along with the rest of the meadow flowers , a romp in the sun with Bambi nuzzling your cheek .
Some vanilla and some warm furry moss make this so demure and so delicate that a tear runs down Bambi’s face when I leave…
   Needless to say this will be my go-to scent this summer in Florida , and it lasts long enough to satisfy me . I would love to have the body powder and she also offers a rich light body cream .
   Created by famous nose Guy Robert ,  Sarah told us at sniffa she asked him to become Marcel Proust having tea with his aunt in the garden.
   ” That was my total brief and we worked very closely on that and it somehow embodied identically the very thing that I wanted to achieve, The Pink Room in London.” she told me in a recent e-mail.
   Sarah has just released No 2. Parfum Pour Toi  .This creation was based upon a very deep brief to Cyrille Carles whose family works with Guy but Guy was too ill to work with Sarah on her second fragrance. 
   At lunch on Sunday during Spring sniffa , I was able to sniff a secret vial of  No 3 , which is also a symbiotic relationship with Cyrille.This fragrance has yet to be released , I loved it . It reminded me of marshmallow patchouli , and I very  much look forward to it’s release ..
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  1. pardon my typo , Sarah actually used the word eidetically , not identically .

    Main Entry: ei·det·ic
    Pronunciation: \ī-ˈde-tik\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Greek eidētikos of a form, from eidos form — more at wise
    Date: circa 1924
    : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images
    — ei·det·i·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

    great word !!

  2. doing a side-by-side testing of PR#1 vs OJ Ta’if. They are very similar. Love them both!

  3. that is a great word. wow. I feel smarter now. I wore the pink room. It is close to OJ Ta’if. I don’t think roses love me as much. I still get a hint of pickle vinegar. Though after it wears off it is pretty enough. Maybe it is time for a rose quest.

  4. ooo-oooh I have never sniffed the OJ…
    pickle vinegar ? oh no…some roses can be difficult , but I think it might be the violets doing that…

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