That ain’t “rien”! Miller Harris L’air de Rien

Miller Harris produced one of the most interesting bits of perfumery in awhile.  It’s tobacco and a little leather and a while lot of unwashed.  Rien means nothing in french.  I guess that is supposed to be a little joke for the following reasons

1.  the air of nothing — should smell like nothing.  The absence of smell?  the absence of a perfume and the presence of the enviromental smells?  LdR captures leather, tobacco and smoke, all enviormental smells to create an intellectual, warm ambience.

2.  To cut short a lengthy explanation, I will get to the point — Shakespeare often used the word nothing or nil as a name for a vagina.  If I had lots of time ans space and audience I would expand on the proof, but I don’t so just take my word here.  So the perfume would be the air of vagina, which the animalics certainly give the juice.  It’s very very naughty, yet it is still very cerbral.  Much like a sexy scientist or librarian. 

We start with the comforting smell of pipe smoke.  swirling around a leather chair in your father’s library and then, two seconds later a whiff of dirty underwear and powder.  The animalic in this smoky red flannel blanket is almost overwhelming.  It is the musk of very dirty underpants.  The kind worn while performing an intense workout, left on the body to dry and then worn out to dinner.  Very Bold stuff.  So bold that my tiny little decant needs a home away from it’s decant friends inside two plastic bags to tone down it’s siren’s call.  It’s really that pungent. 

While the opening is daring and danger with a slight bit of red flannel blanket thrown in to fool you with comfort, the rest of the composition is a wonder.  Green velvety oakmoss tinged with vanilla dances with a bit of amber to creat a sultry Oriental that is best worn when it is either cool outside or on a rainy afternoon in your library spent discussing Russian Literature naked.  Wear a sweater or loll about on a tiger skin.  This perfume is clothing enough.

Kings thoughts: “smells like red velvet.  kind of dirty too”

LdR is a modern perfume done in a classical style.  Sooner or later it’s tobacco-musk-oriental base will seduce me into a full bottle. In the spirit of the perfume guide, if there were only two words to describe L’air de Rien, they would be skanky librarian.

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  1. “Skanky librarian” is a wonderful descriptor actually! Well put!

    We had reviewed this back a while raptured in awe on Perfume Shrine
    and I am overjoyed to see the fan club growing! 😉

  2. I have a tiny little problem with L’adR… It makes me ravenous when I wear it! Like, I have to keep munching the whole day! So unfortunately no L’adR for me, even though I really really like it.


  3. The dry down does have this edible effect. maybe it’s the vanilla and amber. it’s kind of juicy.

    Thanks for dropping in Divinia!

  4. I. WANT. SOME.


    I am working on a review of a rose scent I can love…

  5. Helg at perfumeshrine– Thanks!! I read that post the other day after I had written my piece. I’ve loved LdR for a year or so now and just found words for it.

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