Le Labo Patchouli 24

A few weeks ago I found someone selling off thier hard to find decant of Le Labo’s Patchouli, and as I have a friend who LOVES the patch fairy, I had to pick it up for me her.  (I did decant some of the decant for her to see if she liked it) The first few times I smelled it, it was a harsh opening of birch tar, burning rubber that bled into some earthy-diiirrty-sex smell. I was repulsed by the opening and then slayed by the middle notes.  If I left the small decant bottle on the desk and walked by I would be haunted by the smell emanating from the bottle.   

Burning tires at the dump are followed by scorched earth–burned to revitalize the fields for planting.  Smoke has barely dissapated though patches cling to the humid water molecules hanging in the air after the rain.   A soaked sundress clinging to female skin, topped with a well worn leather jacket, pungent with tobacco smoke and male and a tiny piece of dark chocolate in the pocket.  The sky is still dark with more rain on the way.   This one is dark and earthy, I find it very alluring as it calls me to whatever corner of the room I have put the bottle and makes me pause as I walk by. Some odd element is akin to PQ catnip, however the King does not feel that way.

Me:  smell me:

King: *sniff*  “don’ t like it.  at all”

me: “hmmm it does smell a little like a *resniff* burning car tire.” (BTW some have likened it to Black Cashmere, which has been recently discontinued.  Must dig my samp to see if it is worth trolling for a bottle)

King “don’t like it”

Me: “Chloe did you poop? Oh that’s the perfume.” *resniffs* hmm there’s another good note”


King: “sickly sweet cinna-buns.  you can’t say the smell is bad, but it’s just not what I want to smell on a woman.”

from Le Labo : Even though it is vital to the olfactory shock this perfume generates, Patchouli is not easy to detect in this formula. The smoky, leathery character of birch takes over in the first few seconds, making this signature absolutely unique and difficult to situate. Fortunately, a touch of vanilla comes in to calm this little world, bringing peace, sensuality and softness to these violent animal notes.
A scent filled with danger for those of us who like to walk a tight rope…”

Danger?   I think it begs to be worn in the cleavage in either a black dress or otherwise clingy ensemble.  Maybe by a female spy.  I love it, but can only wear it while the king is off on business.  Full Bottle?  Probably not.  Le Labo is kinda ‘spensive and this decant will last me ages. 

notes: patchlouli, birch, styrax, vanilla

 photo from imdb.com

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  1. I’m gonna agree with the King on the cinna-bun thing and you on the burnt tire. I had the same reaction you did initially – it was hard to walk away from. But after seeing the Rockstar Kid check his shoes for dog poo 4 times in an hour and the Hot Hubby actually asking why it smelled like mulch in our room, I’m going to have to save this one for when the guys are away. I’ll wait for the King to leave, too, and then we can revel in our patchouli-vanilla-cinna-bun-ness together. And I totally appreciate your willingness to smell like a burnt tire and tobacco smoke for me. You really are the BFF!!!

  2. I fell in love with Patch 24 after recieving a sample from a fellow Basenoter and quickly ordered an ounce decant. Yes, at first it is distrubing, because of the birch tar and my first thought was eau de liquid smoke. But, give it a few minutes and you’re enveloped in a in a rich leathery, rubbery uber Bulgari Black cloud that eventually dries down to a long lasting vailla leather skin sent. Love it, great on a man, or woman

  3. Oh you got it. Bulgari Black! I think I meant that and not DK Black Cashmere. It is an interesting piece of work, isn’t it?

  4. […] into soilish roots, chocolate and ends with musky woods and mosses.  A cousin to my other favorite Le Labo Patchouli, it’s almost comfortable, yet exotically dark.  Both perfumes welcome snuggling, but also […]

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