I’ve had some terrible allergies this week and nothing smells quite normal to me.  It’s unfair to review anything.  But I haven’t gone naked.  I found myself craving the warm spicy comfort of DelRae’s Bois de Paradis.  In short, blackberry jam, cinnamon, woods.  Delightfully warming after a hot nasal passage clearing bath and doesn’t scream ” I am food!”  It does deserve a proper review at a later time, so look for it in the future. 

Also- the body cream is amazing.  Smells exactly like the perfume so you can use it alone or in conjunction to really knock people over with your olfactory awesome-ness.  And, bonus, it hydrates skin really well.  This is a fall-winter staple for me. 


 White Shoulders.  I got some vintage in the mail in parfum strength.  From the few whiffs I caught after nose-blowing, I will never look at my dad like he’s grown a third head when he suggests it as a nice perfume. 

Giselle–a chocolatey treat from Carol

And My offical Bad-Girl Guide to perfume. 

Thanks for hanging in out there!  For those of you who attended sniffa, I am so very jealous!  It sounds like it was a blast

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  1. can I say it was more than a blast to be NYC with all those maniacs ?
    Anyway , so glad you enjoyed the Giselle , a little hidden gem…your sniffa goodies go out today , so don’t feel all left out…

  2. A suggestion for the coming weeks, allergy queen –

    Let the King pick and tell you what it smells like. He might enjoy a sniff or two *wink, wink*

    I’m anxiously awaiting the Bad Girl Guide… it will be nice to know what to wear. And any advice you can offer on what to wear for the college graduation would be great. I want to smell confident and womanly. Plus, it’s going to be hot as hell, so I’d rather my fellow grads smell anything other than pregnant woman sweat.

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