Time for a Spring List!

Sometimes we bloggers jones to make a list.  Spurred by the spring time lists at Fragrancebouquet and Fortheloveofperfume, I think I’ll add my two cents, which I’ve been considering ever since that groundhog popped his head above ground.  So here it is, my official top perfumes for spring, which by the way is a fleeting season here in Houston.  We get about 4 weeks of temperatures between the upper 50’s an mid 70’s then BOOM it’s summertime.   

In seasonal order

Fredric Malle Iris Poudre

I have the feeling it will be the year I discover the magic of Iris.  Last year I turned my nose up at this gem and though “meh.  too classy-powdery blah”  This year is another story.  I had reached in the candy jar to get Carnal Flower and got this one out by mistake, applying before I knew I had erred.  It must have been fate.  Remininscent of Chanel number five, it is elegant, sophisticated beauty.  It begins with a little citrus and carnation spice, then some wet smelling florals that give an aura of purple powder and leaves a trail of musk and woods tinged with vanilla.  Aldehydes in this composition are rounded and soft, contrasting the sharper edges of no 5’s soapy aldehydes.  The perfume is the chill of winter turning into the chill of spring.  You still wear sweaters, cashmere in this case, but they are more pastel colored and you feel the hint of sun warming through them.  I love this for the very begining of spring and evenings, or just whenever I want to smell elegant while keeping boys at an arm’s length. This perfume says you must work to get to know me.  Twilight hues/  It also reminds me a  bit of Feminite du Bois, which is no surprise since the nose, Pierre Bourdon was also behind FdB.  That man knows his way around purple perfume.  notes bergamot, rosewood, ylang ylang, carnation, magnolia, jasmine, lily of the valley, violet, rose, aldehydes, iris, musk, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and ebony

As the seaon’s weather gets warmer, it rains copiously.  On those rainy days, nothing is quite as perfect as Apres L’Ondee, with its warm, soapy, clean baby, powder, skin and breezy vanilla.  It is the rain, it is the white curtains in the cool breeze and the sleepy baby between white sheets.  Unfortunately I just ran out of this and may have to remedy the situation.  notes: bergamot, neroli, aniseed, hawthorn, violet, heliotrope, iris and musk

The cold rains followed by warmer weather then another cold snap ultimately mean one thing. Catching Cold.  When I am the sick one, I usually wear one of my go-to’s depending on situation.  But when I’m the nurse, I lean towards lavander scents, like Encense et Lavande by Serge Lutens Herbs- rosemary and clary sage set the stage for heavy lavendar.  It’s soothing, reflective and un intrusive.  Those who take it in are not jarred by florals or heavy nast or obnoxious fruits.  However, it isn’t “joyous, ” just comforting like a cup of tea clean sheets and a cool wash cloth on the forehead.  Eventually it becomes Serge-sweet with a hint of ambery syrup leading into a drier incense.  notes: bergamot, neroli, aniseed, hawthorn, violet, heliotrope, iris and musk

As the weather warms and the trees begin to display green baby buds, I like to wear Parfum di Nicolai UnTemps de Une Fete.  I reviewed it in greater detail here.  It’s soft and pale green then blooms into lovely spring flowers.  Before it’s too innocent the skank comes out to begin the season’s fertility rights before running ino the newly awakened woods.  Lovely for the out doors as it doesn’t compete with natural settings and lovely for any occasion you want to be beautiful with a slight mischevious edge.  I’ve already used an eigth of my bottle, and for a girl with a serious habit, that’s alot!  galbanum, mastic, opoponax, narcissus, hyacinth, daffodil, styrax, oakmoss, sandalwood

Spring is almost at it’s peak.  Everything is in full bloom and it’s almost perfect weather.  It’s time for Annick Goutal Songes, a gorgeous flroal with hints of summery coconut and vanilla.  It’s the girliest, most feminine thing I have ever smelled.  It’s like femininty on a pedestal, up there to be admired and adored, not so much for touching.  No dirtiness in the composition (to my nose) unlike in Fracas, Carnal Flower or others we could name. It says, I am a really gorgeous woman, but you can only look, maybe snuggle and kiss my feet.  I am an untouchable goddess.  notes jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla, frangapini

Now the weather turns warmer and you are spending long days outside in the sun and fields.  Nature is in full bloom and everyone feels a bit more romantic.  It is the perfect time to bring out the full force florals. The kind that take no prisoners and leave others feeling stunned and smitten in your wake. 

It’s time for

CB i hate perfume Cradle of Light — Big sexy white floral that smell INSANELY heady and sexy, a few bits of green for balance and the big bad CB Musk that alone smells like, well, butt crack, but combined with the floral cocktail here smells like it’s time to haul the honey in and procreate.  DO NOT wear this perfume unless you intend to follow through on your flirtatious promises.  Intense, and nearly narcotic a tiny drop is all you need to make people fall to the floor and worship you.  It is the actual RITE of spring, in a bottle.   notes jasmine, jonquil, narcissus, tuberose, white lotus, sumac, tomato and violet leaves, galbanum, sandalwood and CB MUSK

DelRae Amoureuse Is another floral come-hither I’ve mentioned many a time on the blog.  However the additon of citrus, spice and honey usher in the much warmer weather that heralds the coming of summer.  Simply put, it’s sex in a sun baked field of daisies.  One of my alltime favorites and greatest discoveries thus far.   notes Tangerine, cardamom, French tuberose, French jasmine, Tahitian ginger lily, cedar, moss, sandalwood, honey

Neil Morris Swoon is another sunny, skin scent of seduction.  I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but let me reiterate it’s fine points — fresh grapefruit, loads of civiety skin with some delicious florals mixed in there.  I’ve got a little bit left, but am holding out on a bottle until he  puts the rest of the vault creations on line so I can consider those as well.  Have you stopped by there yet? notes (as left my Neil morris on the wrap-up post) Top: Orange, Fruit Note
Heart: Tomato Leaf, Philodendron, Dossinia, Jasmine Sambac, Peony, Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Black Tea
Base: Oakmoss, Agarwood, Civette, Musk, Patchouli

Well, I could go on about rebirth and nature and stuff, but that gets kind of trite.  What are your spring picks?

BTW thank you to Carol, who is off at Sniffa having a ball and I am so very jealous of, I just got your box and have been spraying like a mad woman! 

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6 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Hey !
    I’m baaa-aaa-ack and I smell good !
    Christen and I both fell in love with Villoresi Alamut ( lotsa incense with gorgeous floral underneath very much deserves a review soon from me )
    so we split a bottle and I am drenched in it…love , LOVE L.O.V.E.
    I will write you a report of the fun we had , but one thing I must mention is Raphaella Brescia , editor of Sniffapalooza Magazine was admitted to the hospital Sunday in NYC for breathing problems and we want to pray for her well being . I hope I have not invaded her privacy , and I do not know how she is doing today .
    I arrived home to go to bed at one am this morning and was here baking muffins at 4:30 am so I am a little bleary eyed …
    There is an even bigger box coming ( once I get it mailed )
    You couldn’t come to sniffa , so Sniffa is coming to you !
    The Laura Tonatto Safram review will be coming in a week or so…
    Another sniffa purchase , very much a spring scent is The Pink Room No 1
    I sat with Sarah Barton-King and she is so super…Christen won a bottle of
    Sarah’s new scent , No. 2 and I am sending you samples of BOTH !
    I also got to smell a secret vial of No. 3 killer gotta have it , but it is not out yet !!
    Much love and sniffas

  2. I forgot to mention the stack of Neil Morris samples waiting for me on my desk when I got in today…there are always crowds around Neil, so I didn’t even speak with him this year , or even get one of his magnificent hugs…but now for the good stuff…sniffin his , um , jus ?!!?
    Thank you , queen sistah !

  3. Carol,
    I am soo glad one of my readers got to go, I can’t wait for the full report and the box 🙂 Speaking of boxes this morning I was thinking I have to send Carol these thingies I made. It’s a surprise, but it will go well for your profession. Of course a few bits of candy I’ve turned up around here too. I’ve been enjoying the last box ans is surprised at liking the Giselle, though it’s a bit too sweater for the season. Totally saving that for fall!
    I do hope Raphella Brescia is alright. I am thinking of her and hoping for the best. On a light side of that one, I do hope her sense of smell is unaffected, that would be like death to us perfumistas!
    Love you much!

  4. Oh, Carol! I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see you or give you a hug! Next time just come over! Anyway, it was a whirlwind Sniffa for us and being in Tak is a joy. I hope you enjoy the samples!!

    Warm Hugs, Neil

  5. Hello Queen! I’m a budding perfumista (make that advanced budding) and just discovered your site. I’ve worn Chanel 19 forever, and the past few years Mitsouko and Nahema (occasionally on that last one). I went on a sample acquisition binge about 5 years ago and–in a fit of “cleaning up”–threw them all out. I do remember that I liked a lot of Guerlains, some Carons, and Feminite du Bois. I’m just telling you all this to let you know my taste. I have an outstanding order for samples even as we speak. Today I tried Ormonde Jayne Woman and Orris Root. I love the Orris — I jones for pencil shavings — and I like Woman as well, but it is soooo weak on me. Sampaquita is alright too, but not a love. Anyhoo.
    Do you still have decants available? I noticed that section was last updated in 2007 . . .


  6. Dear LEK,
    I know what you mean about Ormonde Woman being weak. I hear about it’s wonders, get wispy wiffs of it but like a ghost it is intangible. I do still have tons of decants, let me know what you would like. Plus I have tons of stuff I haven’t listed yet.

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