I mis-spoke in my teaser-trailer.  Tabu has been touched on in a few reviews and mentioned on a few boards.  However, after spending a few days wearing it, I think it has been overlooked in our frenzy to try the uber branded and much more expensive offerings.  Had it not been for the mention in The Bombshell Manual of Style  I might never have ordered up a sample and given it a serious audition.  Expecting some cheap “Designer Imposter”-esque trashiness I was pleasantly surprised at what genie emerged from the bottle.  

On paper it sounds like a good basic chypre.  However on bare skin it is anything but basic.   Spicy, almost medicinal rose warms up to voluptuous decadence as it mingles with a slightly candied orange.  Jasmine seduces the bloom off the rose as rakishly as a cad seduces a young girl out of her panties.   Spices give the compostion an velvety texture, like the velvet on a well placed leopard chaise in a boudoir.  I am enveloped in a cloud of smelling good yet very, very wicked.  In the middle, the flowers meld together to create and idea of smoke and petals…something like cinders glowing dark red on a fire.  Definately too much to wear out in the heat, unless you are brazen as am I,  but one spray would definately warm me up on a cold day and would go perfectly fireside with heat warming up naked canoodling skin.  The amber in the drydown is honeyed milk mixed with glorious musk.  Sandalwood takes on a woodsy vanilla that is just skin but better, though on the baby it becomes darjeeling tea.  Very sexual, intoxicating perfume, I’ve hardly put it down since I’ve tried it.

From The Bombshell Manual of Style we are told “This is not a scent for the faint-hearted Bombshell.  Potent and spicy with a “narcotic” floral heart, this scent is the velvety, sizzling starter for many a Bombshell and is most fitting for those with an uninhibited nature.  Tabu comes on as strong and sexy as Dorthy Dandridge playing the free-spirited Carmen Jones, Gine Lollobrigida in Trapeze, Ava Gardner in the Barefoot Contessa.  Remarkably versatile, it goes with wine colored velvet, black velvet and all manner of peasant garb.” 

From “The first fragrance of the house was Tabu, created by Jean Carles 1932. Jean Carles was well known for his wonderful creations made of unusual materials. Before creating Tabu, he was instructed to make a fragrance for a whore (‘un parfum de puta’). Thus, Tabu was created, sensual and shocking.” 

Both descriptions seem mostly apt.  It does take daring to wear something as potent as this number can be, particularily in the heat of summer (though a dreamon a sultry summer night) Though Whorish?  Well, the worst of it is the faint trace of bubble gum that I get when the potion takes a quick breather.  However those faint traces of gum popping ill-manneredness quickly fade to reveal more of the wild nature of the perfume.  If it is for a whore, it seems to fit more of a courtesan or a Heinlien-ian happy whore.  His instructions for happiness in bed go something to the effect of “leave all inhibitions at the door and do your whorish best.”  Perhaps, had the spec for the perfume been written today “Whore” would have been replaced with “agressive” “confident” “experienced” or maybe even “mature” sexy woman who takes pleasure when and where she wants it.  Afterall, whore has such a sad, pitable connotation as the word brings to mind Fantine in Les Miserables as opposed to Madame de Pompadour or any other example you could supply.   

The seamless draping of the composition’s scent around me remind me of a Caron as it is dark, with a trail of cream.  Spicy, full bodied and mature. Actually, I see a direct correlation to Parfum Sacre and possibly Or et Noir. If I couldn’t afford those wonders, Tabu would definately suffice and I wouldn’t feel gyped in the least– more like a genius to have discovered a secret stunner all my own and very affordable.  This sleeper is very inexpensive (I hate to say cheap!) and I am sure if it were more expensive it would get much more attention from we perfumistas.  The taboo in Tabu?  Paying so little for something pretty extraordinary.  Find the parfum strength and snicker when people ask you what obscene thing you are wearing.

Notes are rose, orange blossom, jasmine, vetiver, oakmoss, amber and musk civet sandal wood patchouli.

Oh, PS:  I am getting better at responding to comments!






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