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Here is a teaser for the next post.  It’s a bombshell perfume that NO ONE has reviewed outside of Make-up Alley.  It’s very available, and dare I say even cheap, so if it causes a lemming, there shall be no guilt ladies!  (and the few gents who lurk)

Friday and Saturday are going to be busy days for me.  I will be spending Friday with a very old friend of mine who is in town from the West Coast.  I rarely see her and her baby and I’m quite excited.  I’ll be road testing the next perfum review here. Saturday I’m headed for the beach with my sister and some friends to open the sun season.  Probably will wear EdM or maybe Jicky EDT for the beach.  Sexy, but not too-too if you know what I mean. 

So, what are you guys wearing this weekend and why?

PS I’m slowly updating the decant list, so take a gander!

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  1. I’m test driving some fun samples I got from Fishbone…Cristiano Fissore Cashmere Woman is soft and round .
    Guerlain Cuir Beluga I just love . Seems to have gotten dissed around the blogosphere , it is expensive and it isn’t CUIR…it is wonderfully soft suede with a clear sweet benzoin finish…
    Mazzolari Alessandro from my evil scent buddy Christen is the only almond I canwear , toasted almond with fairy dust.
    All of these work here in the warm Southern Spring.
    I have also been reaching for my new decant of Cuir de Russie edt the Les Exclusifs Chanel…LEMMING !! Thanks Christen !

  2. Have fun at the beach and make sure my fair-skinned showgirl wears plenty of sunscreen!!!!

    I’m wearing the sample of Annick Goutal Songes that you gave me on Monday, since it makes the hubby sneeze. I love it – and am thankful he’s going camping so I can smell pretty all weekend. It’s possible I’ll slip into my tacky Organza for lunch with the MIL on Sat… try not to shudder and/or condemn me.

    I also ordered some Manuel Canovas L’Ile Bleue Eau de Parfum, since it sounded yummy and exotic – hope it gets here so I can try it out before my next craving for lemon cake with lavender cream.

  3. I went for Guerlain L’Instant (fast becoming a comfort scent) and Chanel No 5 (my all time favourite and I was too tired to make a decision!).

    For Guerlain Cuir Beluga, I find I get a little bit of leather if I dab it. When I spray, I get suede and lots of that sweet benzoin finish. I’d be curious to know if any one else gets the same thing

    I also love Songes – are the lotion/body cream worth trying?

  4. Kim-I haven’t tried the body creams in the AG range. Usually, unless it is an underwear scent (as in a perfume foundation garment for a particular season or life phase) I don’t tend to buy them as I wear soo many perfumes. But next time I am out and about I ‘ll see if someone has it and give it a try. I’ve yet to try L’Instant but hear some good on it.
    PQBFF Organza isn’t tacky. It actually has quite a following in the perfume-ity, though it’s cousin Indecence is the favored child. What are you getting samps of again? I just know you’re going to bring me a little when I see you next. OH and I have a mama day gift for you!
    Carol–all those sound good. your package is on the way. I thiought I mailed it earlier but found it in my car. growl. Do you like the CdR EDT better than the parfum? Sometimes I think I get more Ylang out of the EDT

  5. PQ
    my CdR decant is the edT and I was so surprised to love it… the parfum is incomparable , bt not wearable year round like the edT….
    Saturday…SQUEEEEEE!! Viva La Sniffa !
    I’ll make sure to send you some “rejects” when I return !!

  6. OOH I love rejects. and tell me all about the detils of sniffa. so jealous. But my junior associate isn’t really up to it this year.

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