stormy weather or Onda, the return of Djedi


It’s a particularily rainy day here.  Sometimes I want a bright perfume to perk up the darkness, but today I want to wallow electrically charged storminess.  On days like this I might deem a sniff of Djedi appropriate as imagine myself caught in a storm on the moors, but I just received a sample of Vero Profumo Onda in a package, which is purportedly the closest thing to Djedi that one could actually find and afford.

Unlike it’s cousin, Onda opens almost clean in comparison. Dry leather, and it’s actually dry, like it’s been hanging in a tack room for a few years and collected a thin veil of dust.  Where Djedi smothers me with animalics and syrupy cinnamon, Onda has powerful leather and syrup, no cinnamon and almost a mint edge to give a slight coolness to the composition.  As it wears, the leather becomes stronger, though not nearly as stifling. (pleasurable stifling.)  It seems that Djedi is the sudden storm that hits without warning and Onda must build up to its full force.

Then the middle.  Oh what is this?  It melds to my skin something nice.The leather seems to have been properly absorbed by my chemistry and the effect is mesmerizing.  Vetvier tempered with the spices seem to have reached it’s finish here and gives the smell ofwet earth, the TINIEST bit of animalic and the traces of spice. Almost manly in it’s dusky woods with rain thing going on, it smells a bit mysterious on me and would probably be right at home on a man. Not quite what I had in mind to suit the stormy weather but at least I got a chance to give it a whirl.  Onda would be more at home after the rain begins to dry. Bottom of the composition is real perfection.  Cool green grass with a little sweetness that mimicks a white floral admist a green composition.  Added benefit is that the drydown lingers for hours.  I applies around 10 ish this morning and it’s been in the swan song phase since 2 pm.  If any part of Onda would compel me to plunk down diaper money it would be the drydown.  I want to roll in it. 

The new Djedi?  No, at least not on me.  Onda is less animalic, less brooding and much happier for me to  experience than the deep green monster in the gothic basement.  Djedi is the actual storm in the gothic castle, Onda is the dry up of the rain on the moors.  Similar, but worlds apart in thier feel for me.  Do I love it?  Kind of.  It’s not a bottle lemming yet, as I prefer the smothering, skanky torture of it’s ancestor, but I might consider a larger decant. 

photo credit:  one from a collection from an area known as the Bronte country

notes : vetvier, ginger mace coriander.  Only four components?  This is either genius of combining or someone left out part of the notes.    wow

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  1. Great review — the hilarious part for me (having many on year on you, though not “perfume” years — you are WAY ahead of me) is that we actually wore this in high school!! Along with Dana’s Ambush. Hmmmm….may have to retry. I overdid Shalimar so much in college that I don’t dare try it again — olfactory flashbacks could be dangerous.

  2. Oh I know what you mean about olfactory flashbacks. Everytime I smell neutrogena sunless tanning stuff mixed with the body shops “of a woman” I could swear I was back “up in tha club” getting in trouble like i did years ago. Yes, you all can snicker.
    I also had to change perfumes with every boyfriend too.
    Thanks for stopping by pavlova

  3. perfumequeen:

    Had a chance to get my hands on the Vero Profumo line. Your description of this scent is so eloquent. All I’ve been able to come up with is mmmmmm……leather…….incense……Le Maroc.

    BTW – Plan B is in effect. Will send email notifying you of shipment.

  4. hurrah!

  5. […] Thunderstorms- the kind with lots of lightening and loud booming thunder claps deserve Onda or Djedi.  Either are particularily good if you walk around in the storm.  You can pretend to be […]

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