A perfume quandry and something interesting~

Cryptic titles make for fun.

The quandry:  What does a perfumista wear to the zoo on a most assuredly humid muggy Houston day? 

I’m leaning towards Parfums de Nicholai Un Temps de une Fete or possible my new love Swoon by Neil Morris, but may change my mind and would love to hear my reader’s creative thoughts on this one. 

and the Something interesting:  Go back to my Neil Morris Wrap Up and read the comments.  Neil actually read my post and left me a comment!  Isn’t that nifty ya’ll??? He also left the mysterious notes to my new friend Swoon and the notes for Parfum D’Ida.  I really love how personal the perfume world can be. 

Well, I am off to relieve the scullery maid in the kitchen and then to my book Mysteries of Udolpho, by Ann Radcliffe, which may have been the subliminal impetus for testing Onda and Djedi with it’s gothic scenes and dark themes. 

I think I will avoid Calvin Klein Obsession click the words to read the article

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  1. are your really reading mysteries of udolpho? it was a blast to read – I just had to because it is mentioned so many times in Northanger Abbey (what I am rereading now). On to perfume – I love Djedi but didn’t care for Onda. Not sure why but Onda goes off on my skin whereas Djedi is just lovely.
    Hope you enjoy the zoo – maybe wear Dzing?

  2. LOL that’s EXACTLY why I decided to read it!!! I also bougth the monk and the italian and a bunch of other gothic novels to read too. I think you can get a better feel for the literature that came out of those if you’ve read them, you know?

    I gave away my Dzing a year ago or so. It smelled card boardy on me. ah well.

  3. It’s great that Neil stopped by…your efforts are not in vain !! We are out here lurking…LOL…
    How about something spicy and out-doorsy for the zoo..Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa is dry and leathery and spicy…you won’t smell like an ANIMAL…HA! It is NOT just an intense version of the original.

  4. darn it all I don’t have that and it sounds enticing! but spicy hmmm

  5. I am voting for Parfums de Nicholai Un Temps de une Fete because of the two, it is the only one I have tried. Not only do I adore the scent (my sample vial is drained), I but a adore the name! And a trip to the zoo is certainly une fete…

  6. I ended up wearing the Parfums de Nicholai. It was quite lovely and even alleviated the humidity. FOr some reason however I and my cousin both smelled Hermes EdM everywhere. It was making me nutty until I mentioned that I could smell it and she said she smelled the same thing. Princess had a ball and conked out for a whole 15 minutes!

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