Apres L’Ondee a belated but inspired Candy Jar Friday

chloetub.jpgThis morning (began blog friday) I checked the usual blogs and read the lovely post on Apres L’Ondee by Pattyover at perfume posse.  Immediately I thought “hmmm I think I have a sample around here somewhere.  I need to dig that out!” In an amazing feat, I managed to find it in about 3 minutes and promptly applied the parfum to my skin.  Unbeknownst to Patty at the posse, I’ve decided to do a semi partner post on this one as I tend to get something a bit different with Guerlains. 

In the beginning, notes of very light bergamot are released with neroli.  It’s soft, kind of sweet and it’s a sunny blue skied day with the cool breeze working it’s way around me.  So far, as Patty mentions it does say spring, and I definitely agree. However my pretty spring day vignette is interrupted as the perfume takes me to what it really reminds me of, clean, sleepy baby which as any mama knows is one of life’s most joyous smells.  The opening isn’t soapy like a dry bar soap, but more like the foamy, fluffy sud bubbles in the tub and the hint left on the skin post baby bath.  The mental picture is something like this:

It’s a busy day with the little one, and yet you are somehow organized enough to have the house properly cleaned and dinner in the crock-pot, so you spend the day with the baby.  You go to the park, maybe to a cafe and get caught in a beautiful spring downpour, soaking you both is cool electrically charged rain.  You hurry home and pop yourselves into a sudsy tub.  You scrub the baby as she squeals with glee reminding you moments like these do not last forever.  Fortunately today you’re cognisant of the fleeting and you store the picture in your memory along with the smell cue of the baby soap.  Bath time is over you lift your little monkey out of the tub and dry her off, powder her bottom and play with her feet. You put her in her jammies and sit in your favorite chair by the window to nurse her.  As the baby eats she looks up at you with big eyes as if to say “you are the greatest.” She drifts off to sleep as you watch the clouds roll by the window.  

Life’s most important and most joyous moments are fleeting, unlike the opening of Apres L’Ondeewich lasts a bit longer than most top sections and makes me a little misty eyed.  Someday when my baby is grown up a whiff of Apres L’Ondee’stop notes will bring back the memories of how simple and wonderful life was with a new baby.  Definitely life affirming and very beautiful. 

What about the rest of the composition?   At some point, the foamy baby-soap suds fade into a soft silvery powder.  It’s luxuriant.  Then comes a cool vanilla woods with hints of baby peeking  in and out of the drydown.  I am sure the violet-iris is in there, they are supposed to be the powder note.  However, my nose is inexperienced with picking out the aforementioned notes, so I can’t specifically detect them or compare them to other formulae.  Elegant, refined and slightly mysterious, Apres L’Ondee turns from a post rain afternoon into a clear skied dusk. 

My skin seems to eat the less “rrreoow” Guerlains, thus I used up about a quarter of a ml to get enough silliage and lasting power to finish up this post.  My sample of the parfum is gone, and it’s pricey to replace.  Will I replace it?  I am not sure.  Typically I don’t often wear classy, elegant perfumes, I prefer things that say I am a walking sex-bomb waiting to detonate, which Apres L’Ondee certainly does not say.  However, should I be away from my princess for a length of time I’d want Apres L’Ondee with me as an olfactory snapshot of my baby.  Perhaps a day will come when I will NEED that perfume, but currently I am not sure.  I suppose I will have to wait and see if the perfume lemmings push me over the cliff on this one. 

On the other-hand, as the perfume powers that be LOVE to discontinue anything remotely decent, it may be prudent to buy a bottle for future use before it gets to be insanely expensive.  This is kind of like stock speculation, no? 

notes: bergamot, neroli, aniseed, hawthorn, violet, heliotrope, iris and musk

PS I believe I used Mustella or an Aveno lavender soap on the Princess during the time period referenced. 

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