Neil Morris wrap up


Over the last two weeks or so I’ve been going through the rest of the Neil Morris samples and here’s what I think.

First of all the longevity and silliage on these border dangerous!  I mean that in a good way, you can spray them in the morning, smell yourself all day long, leave your trace on  your clothes and sheets and smell yourself the next day.  It’s amazing, as long as you don’t over apply. 

Burnt Amber  I really wanted to like this one, as it was supposed to smell like tobacco, amber some leather and a host of other things that drive me wild.  However, all I got was *drumroll* BBQ sauce.  Not just BBQ sauce, it certainly wasn’t the liquid from the bottle, but the carmalized sauce turned gel at the end of a spare rib BBQ sauce.  Infact, it made my stomach growl. At some point I got some smoke, but it so did not happen for me.

 Dark Season  I spritzed this one on and immediately went CHRISTMAS!  The spice combination was quite delish esp with the traces of piney trees.  I would swing for feeling like I was inside by the fire with wassail, to out in the snow in the woods and agin to a church with resinous incense.   This smells like a much better version of Guerlain’s odd duck Winter Delices.  Delices was a dead wringer for my Nana’s house, which indicates air freshner.  Currently I don’t absolutely love it, but that is probably due to the fact that it’s a really long time til Christmas and it just doesn’t jive with the gorgeous spring weather we are having. 

Dark Earth   This one was interesting.  I could smell the shade under the tree in the woods.  Wet dirt, dewy grass only way it could possibly be better if there was just a trace of truffle to give you the image of truffle hunting somewhere in the forest in France.  Intriguing compostion, would work well on a man if I didn’t want a virtual reality experience for myself. 

Fetish I liked this one alot at first.  Who wouldn’t want to tell another that they are wearing something called fetish?  It was spicy, kinda headshoppy, a little skanky and then leathery.  Unfortunately for me, the leather went form awesome leather to cheap lingerie store pleather.  Then it dried down to some nice vanillac kind of thing that I wanted to cuddle up to.  Kind of middling on this one. 

Gotham  was one of my favorites.  Intially I thought hmmmm eggnog but then, somewhere in the spices and amber and dark rose I felt some magic.  I could feel a warmish october night in NY, lights and energy around me.  And the dry down… wow.  musky, semi woody just fabulous. 

October  When I spoke to Mr Morris over the phone, he mentioned this one was an october day, crisp leaves, and that bit of smoke in the air.  Sounded perfect.  Well…..I was hit in the face with a caramel apple pie.  I wasn’t expecting something quite so gourmand in the opening, so I was a bit unprepared. However, after most of the pie died I got the crispy leaves warmed up by the sun and carried along in the breeze.  The sun was shining, not quite a chill in the air, but the feeling of golden happiness you get when you are going out to the country in western New York to pick your pumpkin at one of the harvest festivals.  I’ll be revisiting this one in fall.

Swoon  opens with grapefruit.  Now, before you guys jeer about freshness, let me say this was invigorating and yet relaxing at the same time.  I could feel the normally clenched forehead muscles relax as I breathed it in.  The topnotes last for quite awhile and go into something I find very hard to describe.  What comes next is skin.  Maybe its civet or some sort of musk (I wish I had the darned notes) but whatever it is has me completely spellbound.  It is a smell that is living flesh for me, slightly dirty, yet sweet, not entirely naughty and a bit innocent.  Completely fascinating and I think my favorite out of the bunch as I tend to have my nose attached to my wrist when I wear it marveling at it’s intrigue. Oh and that drydown.  I caught some of it on my sheets the otherday and could have died.   Mr. Morris was inspired by Perfume the Story of a Murderer to create this perfume and I can imagine it maybe what causes the crowd to literally swoon and then revel.  I might even be compulsed to eat my own arm.  I won’t say more if you haven’t seen the film, which you should as it is breathtaking.  Just like Swoon. 

 Finally, I am still playing with Parfum D’Ida so look for a future posting.  So far I get lots of aldehydes and much civet.  For some reason when I wear it I tend to get busy and forget to keep monitoring my arm.

Anyone else try these yet?  Samples are available for a few dollars per decent sized spray vial via his website.  Sometime in APril all the vault scents will be listed online and I hope with the notes so I can see what is in Some of the compostions that I can’t quite get my finger on.  He also offers a custom fragrance service which is on my to do list before I die.  You are asked to go in naked (perfume wise) so he can analyze your natural scent and build your perfume on top of it, drop by drop.  He also asks millions of questions about things you love and hate in all spheres of life to get a real feel for you.  (Info courtsey of ) This service is the very defintion and very embodiment of art fused with luxury. 

PS that’s his picture at the top of the page I borrowed from his website  He may look like a brickwall of a man, but over the phone he sounds like one of the most huggable people on the planet.  And he makes perfume, BONUS!

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  1. Hi Perfumequeen!

    First, let me say thanks for taking the time to review our perfumes! I’m glad you liked most of them and sorry to hear Burnt Amber didn’t work on you. Ahh, chemistry! On me it’s warm, resinous, sexy, smoky. No trace of BBQ sauce. (But that’s probably the Plum Blossom on your skin.) That’s why we have 50 Vault scents! Hopefully there’s something in there for everyone! Glad you enjoyed Swoon. Here are some of the Notes:

    Top: Orange, Fruit Note
    Heart: Tomato Leaf, Philodendron, Dossinia, Jasmine Sambac, Peony, Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Black Tea
    Base: Oakmoss, Agarwood, Civette, Musk, Patchouli

    And for Le Parfum D’Ida:

    Le Parfum D’Ida opens with Top Notes of Blackberry, Clove, Elemi and Aldehydes for a spicy/fruity introduction. Ida’s Spirit soars with Heart Notes of Geranium, Gardenia, Purple Hyacinth, Narcissus and Ylang Ylang. Her sultry, bold and mysterious qualities are manifested in Base Notes that include Oakmoss, Vetiver, Jatamansi, Myrrh, Civet, Black Agar, Orris and Russian Leather.

    Thanks again and Fragrant Dreams!


  2. Dear Neil,
    Should you happen by my blog again, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I hope I could do your perfumes a little justice. I’m not as poetic as some of the writers out there, but I hope to give a more real world opinion. I definately appreciate you posting the mysterious notes to swoon and to parfum d’ ida, which I am also loving lately too. Thank you also for your contributions to our olfactory art!
    Love and scent-sations,
    the perfumequeen

  3. PQ, my BFF –

    Swoon sounds amazing… how about helping love-leigh’s mama find some? This pregnant woman needs a place to spend her husband’s money, since designer fashions are currently out of the question, and shoes aren’t fun anymore, now that I can’t wear heels!!

  4. […] back on the orginal post, I sampled this in spring, maybe this is the reason for the craving.  In whatever case, I bought […]

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