friday candy jar day! jasmin et cigarettes by etat libre d’orange


Doesn’t the name sound fabulous, as in Absolutely Fabulous?  It conjures images of calling people “sweetie-dahling” and ordering “champagne and nibbly things” while smoking a cigarette in a long holder post coitus with a trashy man.  Enough about my retirement plans, what about the perfume, eh?

Well, infatuated with the vision above I couldn’t wait to try it out.  So I dabbed and waited.


UGH.  HAMSTER!!  The cedar in the juice is WAY out of control.  I try my damnedest to wait it out for what is supposed to be amazingly indolic jasmin and tobacco…but I can’t.  my eyes are watering and I keep expecting a rodent to attack me from inside it’s excersize ball.  I scrub and scrub and scrub. 

Day two: the hamster returns!  I am so very disappointed I won’t be all french whored up with smoke and nearly humanistic function smelling jasmine  that I want to cry.  Into the pile of discards this one goes. 

notes: jasmine absolute, tobacco, hay, apricot, tonka bean, tumeric, cedar, amber and musk. actual notes : cedar, hamster hair and droppings set on fire and then doused

On a happier note, I showered off the nast with the Hermes Eau des Merveilles body wash and lotion, which I must say is rather true to the heart of the perfume — the salty, amber woodsy pepper musk divinity.  If you love EdM I reccommend getting some of the gel and lotion to layer with.  This will become a summer favorite, and a particular spa treat when I add sugar or salt to the gel to exfoliate.  Heaven!

Til next time, keep guessing on the video-perfume quiz.  I’ll give you a clue: it is a Guerlain

Prize is a few from my discards, as well as mini samps of the EdM perfume, lotion and wash and whatever else I feel inclined to throw in.  so GUESS!!!  you can’t win if you don’t play!

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  1. Good review – we are definitely NOT scent twins! With Eau des Merveilles, I get salty body odour and not much else. With jasmin et cigarette, I get exactly what the name says, nothing more, and definitely no hamsters!! 🙂 The sacrifice of wearing it twice in order to review it is greatly appreciated!
    No idea which Guerlain – greens usually don’t do well on me, Chanel No 19 smells truly vile on my skin, even in perfume strength where it tones down to just yucky. Maybe the lilly of the valley. So for the Guerlain, I’ll guess chante d’aromes – I remember that one being icky on me so it is probably a green.

  2. geez, I guess I won’t try that…Creed Jasmine Imperitrice Eugenie might scratch your jasmine itch…the sandalwood makes it pulsate beautiflly on skin.
    Can’t guess either…Guerlain , huh…

    Love the new look dah-ling !!

  3. Kim, I guess we are not scent twins, though I have been liking the chanels you s-cent me. and of course the FdB. I am so sad jasmin and ciggies didn’t work. Carol, I liked the Creed alot, though it wasn’t great love. I sent it to a creed freak I knew who died and went to heaven over it. Thanks about the new look 🙂 I think it suits better.

  4. Oh and Kim, I get Salty Body Odor, but in a really really good way. Maybe I just love the skank.

  5. I’m really likeing Eau des Merveilles (though now I feel self conscious as I sit in my small office wondering whether coworkers will think I have B.O.) It’s such a pleasant scent to me. Must poll others to see if it “works”.


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