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I wasn’t feeling all greenly inspired today, so I took it off.  I went outside and enjoyed the lovely day that was just warm enough but still a bit chilly with the wind.  Princess and I did the markets and played in the sun, cut some lavander from the patio garden and just laid back.  Needing a little something different perfume-wise, I rooted around until I found some Feminite du Bois. 

Dear Feminite du Bois,

    I do apologize for slighting you on many occasions.  At first, I merely dismissed the oddness of your composition to bad chemistry or crack smoking bloggers, but then I discovered it was I who had the problem.  I simply did not give you a fair go around and as consequence, missed out on the deliciously comforting and sexy cumin bomb laced with plums and incense that you are.  Please allow me to make amends by procuring a bottle of your delightful perfume, in parfum if I am lucky enough to find it.

 Sincerest apologies,


Yes, I ‘ve finally succumbed to the goodness that is FdB and have no idea how it took me so long.  Once, while pregnant with Princess, I had a few ripe plums for breakfast, fresh from the plum tree.  Biting into each juicy ruby fleshed plumb was an ephiphany of scent.  Thier natural perfume slayed me, and since then I have been on a quest to find plum-scented perfume.  However internet searches and trips to sephora came up empty.  Then, as i sprayed FdB the plum came back to me. 

FdB is only lightly gourmand, not a perfume for one who  wants to smell like fruit.  Instead, the plum infuses the cedarwood, which in the opening takes on a cuminy face, and spices with its over-ripe decadence.   The cumin gives the compostion that familiar aroma of slightly unwashed underarm, which as I have mentioned in my Gucci and Femme reviews is very sexy.  How unexpected is it to smell something less than pristine and shower fresh on a woman these days?    Giving someone a scent-glimpse into something so private as being maybe a day old dirty is like revealing a bit more about your inner self, or at least like discreetly making it obvious you are not wearing underwear.  Its personal, and almost dangerously sexy. 

Somewhere in the concotion I smell honey-ed notes, and briefly bubblegum, but for the most part the major players of plum, cedar and spice dance together like smoke curli-ques from a hookah.  Drydown is like catnip — dark, dry almost musky woods laced with smoke.  That left on my pillow over night makes me wish to stay in bed a little bit longer.  Sensual, yet comforting FdB a brunette version of another new favorite, Dior’s Dolce Vita, which seems more peachy to my nose, though cuminy.  FdB has inspired many pther compostions, several by Serge Lutens (nose for Shishedo who released FdB and Serge Lutens line) as well as DelRae’s Bois de Paradis, which to my nose is stronger and sweeter.  It has also been said that it was inspired by other favorite, Caron Parfum Sacre, which I can feel a similairity in the comfortingly sexy aura.  FdB seems just right for cooler weather and warm blankets, or evenings in your intellectually sexiest dress. 

What do you think of it?  Lemming over the cliff? or Lemming on the way to the WWW of purchase?

UPDATE:  I just received a small sample of the pure parfum and it is sheer heaven.  all notes are more pronouced, esp. the fruit which is dripping with over-ripe juiciness.  The next bottle of extrait on ebay is MINE!!! of course I’ll share some of it in my decants, as it is also hard to find. 

notes :cedarwood, orange blossom, peach, honey, plum, and beeswax, cedarwood, clove, cardamom, and cinnamon, cedarwood, clove, cardamom, and cinnamon

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  1. definite lemming – bought 3 bottles when I came across them in Canada plus a partial bottle from the Perfumed Court. Hmmm, definitely think it is a lemming!! I get very little cumin from it but isn’t that plum glorious! I like FdB better than any of the Lutens bois series, mostly because of the what you described so well, the dark, dry, musky woods.

  2. wow three bottles at a time! That’s awesomely nuts! I bought a sample, hated it then gave it away, receieved a sample, hated it gave it away, got your smaple loved it and when WTH was I thinking?!?!? now I needs me a bottle or three too. Have you compared it with Dolce Vita?

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