Miss Dior and Wearing O’ the Green


Happy St Patrick’s Day to all of you out there.  Hopefully you’ve had your corned beef and cabbage and green beer, or managed to avoid it like I did this year. 

I’ve mentioned many a time my former distaste for green perfumes.  One Green chypre perfume that completely changed that attitude for me is Dior’s Miss Dior, vintage parfum.  This gem has received praise from many, including Luca Turin, as one of the most gloriously divine perfumes ever.  EVER.  And, as skeptical as I was after testing Diorissiomo (which is lovely, though I am not fond of LOTV) I must whole heartedly concur it is as ravishing as the lady I picture as it’s human embodiment, Maureen O’Hara.  Its perfectly lady like, but there is no mistaking it is a full bodied, warm blooded sensous being just waiting for the right moment to be unleashed. 

The first dab out of the beautiful crystal stopper (don’t make it like they used to) warms up some green herbally pleasantries.  Its “hello, how do you do, shall I play mother and pour you some tea? cook you dinner?” Very refined for a green without all the grassy leaves and clippings I have experienced in many other compositions.  After say 15 minutes or so, you begin to see glimpses of skin, a little clavical, a peek of leg and so forth as the gardenia and roses awaken under the blanket of green velvet. 

Then, the perfume really takes off.  Jasmine and other lush flowers release thier perfumes as it loosens it’s hair from the tight up do and takes off her shoes.  The flowers are in full womanly bloom and emit the slightest bit of indolic  skank, just enough to say that “yes, I look like the perfect lady, but I can show you things you’ve never dreamed of later as I am an experienced worldy woman. “

 Furthermore, once the patch and leather come out to play, those who were convinced greens could only be innocent and elegant or oddly shocking find they were sorely mistaken.  This stage leaves my wrist affixed to my nose in a state of dreamy rapture.  Fading in to the drydown you get the last bits of green with hints of musk lingering on your skin.

Miss Dior could be worn anywhere.  It’s daytime, yet you wouldn’t feel underdone wearing it at night. Infact, it would take anyone close enough to breathe in it’s essence by surprise.  You are not a naive ingenue, but a woman to be reckoned with, though they would much perfer to invite you over for a scotch instead.  I long to wear a deep green clingy tactile (velvet?  satin?)dress with this perfume, something that shows off the figure motherhood has given me and something that shimmers and begs to be touched.  All curves, none of the gamine, it’s fertility and throaty laughs instead of nervous fumbling and giggles.  Real manly men go for the woman who makes this perfume hers.  They appreciate the woman who is a bit softer in all the right places, can cook a fantastic meal and join him for a scotch and cigar occasionally too.  They also know she expects impeccable table manners and all her doors to be opened for her.  Little boys obsessed with the latest pop tartlet can move along, Miss Dior is too much for him to handle and would make him feel as inadequate as he really is anyways.   Don’t even think of going dutch either.

Well deserving it’s praise Miss Dior has heavy rotation in my perfume wardrobe these springy days. Lasting power is great, at least 6-8 hours and the silliage is just about perfect — I smell it around me though I don’t think it is perceptible as a perfume smell to others until they are very, very close.  And I notice people seem to be closer to me today than usual.  Smell stalkers 🙂 I was very fortunate to snag some practically pristine bottles of the vintage parfum on ebay and am always looking out for more to horde in my perfume cachet.  Though if you check the decant list you will find it for 13/ ml as I know it’s hard to find in as good a condition as I had the good fortune to find it and feel it’s my duty to share it with those who seek it.

Last words DIVINE, GORGEOUS perfection.  swoon…

notes: Sage, Gardenia, Galbanum, Rose, Neroli, Jasmine, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Cistus and Labdanum

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  1. […] Today, cause I was lazy, I dabbed on a Miss Dior from a new-er sample bottle.  Remember my gushing review with the picture of Maureen O Hara in the wearing O the green series?  New Miss Dior is a pale, […]

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