Friday Candy Jar Day!

Today we will explore a few Neil Morris Perfumes, begining with Midnight Sea.   First, let me mention I sprayed myself with Midnight Sea last night and still smell the after effects.  What does NM put in this?  The lasting power is amazing! 

 Midnight Sea’s notes are Water Lily , Notes of Vanilla, Patchouli, Dark Musk, Oceanic and Ozone Notes.  Throughout most of the composition, i get a really lovely vanilla smell tempered with the musk and oceanics.  The oceanics, btw are not at all like Cool Water, but more of a salty, sandy feeling, like smelling the ocean on your skin after swimming.  The vanilla simulatiously warms the compostion for snuggle factor, and chills the perfume for a night-time starlit effect.  With the patchouli and musk weaving in and out, you get a glorious bit of skin scent, making this an intimate perfume.  Does this really remind me of the ocean?  No, it does not.  For some reason, the perfume triggers an olfactory memory of Christmas, circa 1997 or 1998.  It must smell like something I received as a gift or a combination of enviromental aromas those years.  This is kind of annoying actually.  It’s like being at a party and talking to someone for 20 minutes pretending you know thier name all the while cursing yourself for not remembering.  It is driving me crazy that I can’t quite place the smell.  Also, the ocean I have the most experience with is good old Galveston Bay, which I am quite confident Mr. Morris will NOT be modeling a perfume experience after, unless of course March of askes him to.  She tends to like things a little stanky and skanky.  (BTW for the maybe 4 of you who haven’t checked thier blog out at the posse, please stop reading here and take a gander.  They are great!)   However, the perfume is really beautiful and I have a deep appreciation for it.  If I can ever figure out what memory it is triggering, I am sure I will adore it.  As for being my favorite non ocean ocean scent…Hermes still has that one in the bag.  Midnight Sea is a different kind of experience for me. 

Midnight Tryst  notes clove bud, magnolia flower, rose, narcissus, gardenia, dark musk, benzoin, cinnamon, patch, amber, civet, castoreum,  and dark vanilla.     notes clove bud, magnolia flower, rose, narcissus, gardenia, dark musk, benzoin, cinnamon, patch, amber, civet, castoreum,  and dark vanilla.  This reminds me of incense, I definately get the spices up top first with what I swear is some almost-banana jasmine.  I imagine this must be the magnolia flower or rose coming on to play.  The spices are very rich smelling and sensous. Combined with the florals and the head shop patchouli, it is dark and sexy.  Mid wear the composition begins a creamy phase peppered with bits of spice and dirt. I feel as though I am in satin sheets rolling around a dark incensy room with a naughty man.  In the end, the dry down leaves a whisper of musk and man, much like any other sexual encounter.  Full bottle?  Not sure.  I have many more samples from the Neil Morris line to get through and am  holding out for somethig that really floors me.  While Midnight Tryst was great ride, all it meant to me was a tryst, not something long term. Stay tuned for more Neil Morris sample mini reviews and the contiuation of the Wearing O the Green. I’m terribly sorry this post was abrupt, it’s been a very trying day personally.

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  1. Last night at the rodeo, I met a perfume. It was so “green” I was afraid the 65-year-old tart who was wearing it was going to start singing “Rainbow Connection.” When I asked her what she was wearing (I sneezed 3 times), she actually admitted to wearing Jean Nate body spray, which I thought went out of production in 1979. I swear, PQ, the lily of the valley and freshly mown grass scent was soooo strong I wound up leaving with a headache and the bebe bump flipped over and over in disgust. I wish I could have given her your number and told her to call and get some REAL perfume advice, but a woman who’s tacky enought to wear 10 carats of real diamonds with Jean Nate body spray just wouldn’t get it. I just wanted to say, that with all your drama yesterday, I took you to the rodeo in my mind and wished I could have come up with some visciously scathing comment to give the old bag in your place. Hope all is well on the other side of the world.

  2. The oceanic/ salty notes can stay on the bottom of the sea as far as I’m concerned…but the Midnight Tryst, if not too rose-y…sounds really fab…

  3. I’m intrigued by Midnight Ocean. I was trying desperately in vain to convey my love for ocean scents to you a week or so ago. I’ll have to see if this one offers something to me that I must have. It all stems from a cast off shower gel–
    Solstis. Here is what I’ve found on this stuff:

    Formerly called Solstis, now renamed ‘Blue’ but with the same soft scent, this powdery fresh fragrance evokes the youthful, easy going feeling of a summer day.
    Top notes of ozone evoke a light summer sea breeze, with green fruity heart notes that give way to voluptuous bottom notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood.
    Its light and airy yet seductive, just like summer itself.
    Presented in a gorgeous frosted glass bottle with gradient colors of green to blue, with a natural pump spray.
    Made in Canada by Fruits & Passion.

    I know, I’m cheap and easy. Totally class-less in the scent dpt. But it’s like summer in a bottle.

  4. I used to love some ocean stuff by nivea. they don’t make it at all now. sigh.

    come over and try midnight sea as well as the Hermes.

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