Late for the Party, or How I Met Sous le Vent by Guerlain by Carol


****attention readers!  For your reading pleasure, a submission by fellow reader and fellow perfumista, Carol.  She will be posting periodically, so leave a comment or three and give her a warm welcome to the castle.

Have you ever seen that commercial with the cats all cavorting around, six of them in the litter box, one with a lampshade on her head ?

When the people come home, every cat disappears except the one with the lampshade on her head, who says ” Where’d everybody go ? “
 Well we all feel like that sometimes, but when the vial of Guerlain Sous le Vent arrived at my door, we were perfect strangers. I had not sniffed it , ordered it intentionally, nor had I ever even heard of it. What kind of Guerlain whore am I ? So my nose really perked up at the sight of a new Guerlain to sniff. ( not new, new. New to me. )
 Eagerly I eased open the vial and dabbed on the back of my hand, within easy sniff.
  My mouth watered ! It did ! This was juicy and fresh and…what is that ? Mandarin oranges ? Uh oh, I think this is veering into dry territory a la Goutal eau de Sud or something but no. Now some green joins in and herbs are lovely, they sing over that juicy opening. I can detect the lavender there, but barely. It sweetens the chorus but never too much, and the tarragon drives me crazy here along with a slight licorice from basil.
 Is this a fougere ?
 On my skin, this opening lasts a very long time .
Refreshing symphony of salad.
 Slowly the herbs meld with my skin and the woods peek through, under there where they have selflessly supported the composition, now they come to the fore, warming and soothing, with just a touch of patchouli to make it sexy. Oakmoss is evident from the start, preventing the herbs from being too light-hearted. I never really detect carnation ( we don’t get along ) but it lends a spicy salad effect. The iris plays with the woods only after an hour of juicy frolicking…
Do you want the good news or the bad news ?
It was discontinued years ago.
Then they re-released it in 2006.
As a limited edition.
I found out all these details that everybody else probably already knows ( where’d everybody go ? ).
I really adore this scent, and I own NOTHING LIKE IT.  I will not freak out because I have a decant from Fishbone and she says I can probably still buy this at Bergdorf’s. So if you are in  line ahead of me there, you had better get out of my way.
Thank you!
disclaimer: perfumequeen is not responsible for anything I say. We have not met yet.
In my world, I am known as the queen of caffeine, so when I saw a perfumequeen blog, well I KNEW we were sisters. QUEENS of anything, unite.
end of review.
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  1. Loved it Carol, just don’t break my typing fingers if I happen to be in line ahead of you at Bergie’s

  2. That sounds fantastic! Does my local corner dealer have a dab for me?

  3. pq-
    Breaka you fingers ? I’d never do that, I’d pay someone…haha

    it’s worth it!!

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