I stink of Pickle Juice and Roses. aka POTL A.Maze


holy cripes. 

After Princess went to bed I was feeling a little fragrance frisky.  So, I busted out my sample of People of the Labrynths A.Maze, part of a gift from reader KIM (thanks! look for a thanks you note in the mail soon) and began to dab.  And then….(doom music here) I dropped the vial. all. over. me. 

Out of the vial arose an ill tempered genie, whispering that the tauntingly beautiful notes will be defiled by his green pickle presence.   The genie tells me of the beautiful rose, the spicy saffron that should temper the rose, as well as the woods and anamalics.  All the while the pickle mist fills the room and brings me to tears.  It is as though I am given a box of chocolates, promised they are deep dark chocolate covered confections, only to bite into the confection to discover a rotting pickle.

Needless to say, this did not work for me.  It seems the henna somehow overpowered all the goods promised, giving them a jagged, medicinal edge instead of the honeyed, spicy, musky promise.  I later tried just a single dab, and incurred the same pickle wrath, and such a shame, as it seemed to get some good reviews.  On the brightside, I won’t be spending $250 for 100ml of parfum.  On to the next great thing!

Speaking of the next great thing, I will begin my “Wearing O’ the Green” series March first.  All perfumes green will be highlighted in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the coming of Spring.  So, if you have a particular favorite, leave a suggestion in the comments and I will try to give it some coverage provided that I have it in the collection or can easily obtain a sample.  Look forward to Delrae Debut, Miss Dior, Chanel 19 and Cristalle, as well as some other great classics like the original Vent Vert and Bandit.

notes:Henna, Saffron, Taif Rose, Orange Blossom, Wardia Rose, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, Civet.

art from http://www.takeourword.com/TOW140/page2.html

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  1. yes, I know what you are talking about. Something about the mirror brilliance of that bright rose on steriods sent me scrubbing furiously…it made me ill seriously.

  2. what a great way to put it Carol! you should contribute here, you know

  3. Nice post! I’ll take your word on that one. Where does one find pickle art?

    Bring on the greens and find me something pretty and vernal!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh!! That is soooo frustrating to do with something you don’t like. And I just don’t get the love for Amaze?
    I went to try your Cuir de Russie – Bois des Iles combo but had no Bois des Iles so tried No 22 – nice combo! Waiting with baited breath for my new decant of Bois des Iles to arrive – I think it will be gorgeous with Cuir de Russie! And I am glad to hear that someone else gets that animal note deep in No 5 – that note is why I so love No 5 🙂

  5. hey perfume queen, I would love to contribute…my friend Christen and I have a daily e-mail journal “watcha wearin” and it gets really interesting…LOL!

  6. hey Jen, have you tried Guerlain Sous Le Vent? OMG I can’t live without it’s green-ness. It is not so dry as the other blogs say…maybe I should review that in the future?

  7. whoppee! a post with many comments!!
    Carol, send me a submission via email and I will post it up for you.
    Kim, I amsurprised more people don’t get the animal in no. 5 I am waiting to try the 5 with teh elixir after a bath tonight to see if it releases the beast. my skin is clouded from many of the other lovelies I’ve been trying.
    Jen, come on over I am fairly sure I have some sous le vent in the guerlain file. I should add that to the wearing o the green this next month.

  8. Will do! I’m so scent-naive.

  9. Okay, Perfume Queen,
    I’m dying to know what you think about the scent you gave me for my birthday. And since I trust you inexplicably when it comes to food and scent, help me find something sexy and musky and overwhelming, to go with the bulging baby belly.

    PS I love pachouli….

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