Watch this one, it’s a Tolu-lou


Some time ago, caught up in lemming hype, I ordered a set of Ormonde Jayne samples.  After being disappointed with Woman (black hemlock sounds way more intriguing than it actually was) and one that smelled like BBW Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (gack.  expensive smell alikes!), I shelved them, deciding to try them at a later time.   As I  packed for a two week trip I decided then was that later time.

As I packed up my toiletries, including some perfume, my eye ran acrosss a black velvet envelope-bag and I remembered . . . Ormonde Jayne!  What lovely presentation for samples….nice generous SPRAY vials in a beautiful velvet bag.  So many lovely reviews and raves and the perfume-artist now offers scented body glitter, reportedly not stripper style but subtle golden flecks calling out to me to adorn my ample cleavage.  I must give this another go.  A random draw chooses Tolu, a warm resinous oriental.


Top- Juniper berry, orange blossoms, clary sage
Heart – Orchid, rose, muguet
Base – Tolu, Tonka bean, golden frankincense, amber

At first spray, sharp herbals mingle with delicate citrus.  Something odd and almost weirdly clean nudges at my brain to recall some scent experience from long ago.  Something decidely not warm or overtly sexy, maybe some tobacco and leather chairs, musty books, but  I decide to wait for the top notes to disperse and reveal the tantalizingly named candies underneath.  I can detail out the clary sage, which definately seems to soothe my mental state of pre-trip frenzy.

Herbs give way to a spicy floral lust.  An odd sentence, I realize, but I can’t seem to word it otherwise.  Does anyone admit to seeing “The Ladies Man” with Tim Meadows?  There’s a line, “you’ll know it’s love you will feel it deep down…in your pants”   No joke, and at the risk of being obscene, something in this perfume gives me a slight panty tingle.  I blush to admit it, but in the interest of my blog-honesty I must report I feel oddly turned on.  One would think so many of the other perfume greats would have such an effect, but instead and odd little perfume with unusual notes seems to have an effect. 

 My aroma aura smells incredible, though skin to nose contact sniff is overwhelming and almost sickening. No idea what an orchid smells like, but the flowers drift in and out of a dance pattern with the ambery-incense woods.  Delightful, sensuous and warm.

Drydown and morning after left me with a warm, golden feeling of amber and woods with vanilla on both my skin and sweater.  This is a perfume best suited to cooler weather and/or romantic encounters.  It’s disarming, yet comforting at the same time, sort of the way I thought Coco would be, though more exotic.    I think men would love this on a woman. Tolu is a real winner from Ormonde Jayne and encourage me to check out the rest of the line. I am definately pondering purchasing a full bottle and the aforementioned body glitter which contains actual flecks of gold and scent.  how great would that be for the art of seduction? 

Thanks to all who have given me kind words following my grandfather’s death and my leave of absence.  Thank you to all who kept reading. 

art credit:

this work captures the warm golden sensuality of Tolu.

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