First, thanks to all who have given me thier well wishes.  They are deeply appreciated. 

I am still recovering this week.  My lovely sinus infection has left  me sniff impaired.  It’s like smelling things on very low volume — I know what is supposed to be there, but I can’t quite make out the olfactory words.  For the last week I was sure my bottle of Cuir de Russie parfum had gone bad or was filled with some other juice. Admist thinking evil thoughts towards Chanel, I tried a spray of my beloved Amoureuse before taking the Princess to the butterfly gardens (there’s a floral that is big and beautiful enough to attract butterflies without sickening people! really works!) and discovered my nose seems to be skipping various notes in perfume.  Thusly, blogging a review would not be a worthwhile use of blogo-sphere.

Instead I’ve been drinking spicy hot chocolate and catching up on my reading.  If you have not READ Phillip Pullman’s Golden Compass and the other books, DO.  just do it.  They are very well written and make Harry Potter look like a Dick and Jane book.  (still love HP)  I can’t go into detail as I wouldn’t do it justice and it might ruin the read for you, but get on amazon and get a cheap copy.  Then find a soft place to read and something warm to drink and shut out the world for awhile.  Heaven. 

Speaking of the philosphical, since I can’t tell you about what I smell, maybe in the spirit of the PerfumePosse, I can incite some lively debate.

Let’s talk about sexuality, baby.  As we’ve all lamented, it used to be full figures, form fitting, but not sleazy tight clothes.  Lady in the street kind of thing.  Hair and perfumes were both big.  Perfume seemed more complex, shocking or at least startlingly sexy though still ladyish.  Body hair in certain regions was not taboo…even vocabulary described things in a differnt manner.  Pretty, beautiful and of course sexy have given way to “cute,” “hottie” and other dimnutive terms.  We walk out of hte house wearing sweatsuits and smelling like candy/fruit/fake flowers or showers.  Oh and most men would love to have a full waxing required before they see us naked.  It seems our culture is pushing women out of womanhood and back into childhood…a culture of neverending immaturity, bordering on pedophila.  (don’t get me started on how we delay our kids growing into maturity for years, subject for another forum.)

I’m 28 and it disturbs me what the future for my little girl may hold, so in my own way I’ve been trying to take it back.  I try not to pander to every celebutant’s clothing/perfume what have you line and make an effort to leave the house with a knock out perfume and at least no more than one body part highlighted in a sexy manner.   I intend to give Princess access to the reading and perfume library as well as allow her to become an adult when it is time to be an adult, as opposed to extending her childhood into her late teens, early twenties, late thirties….

Where did we go wrong?  Do you agree? Is there hope? Does it effect society to where it has perhaps contributed to downfall? Is there downfall or is it hindsight 20/20? Or is it a govermental conspiracy to keep us young dumb, full of it and easy to control? Should I cut back on the Tylenol cold and Sinus? Post your thoughts and let some fur fly.

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  1. waxing philosophic…you are opening Pandora’s Box…
    for all things ending there is a beginning…
    there is no end, only change…
    of all the cliches to come to mind, I am old enough to tell you this:


    ask 10 people what happened and you will get 10 versions. Is that not proof enough that we create our own world?? Where my world overlaps with yours, I promise to do my best to focus on what we have in common, not our differences. That’s all I have the power to do, and that is enough !!
    We really do create our own world so what do you want to create?

  2. wow. I need to ponder this . with coffee 😉

  3. I hope all is well…it is quiet in here…
    I so-o-o enjoy the Cuir de Russie. It is everything I thought it would be.
    I am also enjoying the Ava Luxe samples…are those fragrances unavailable now?
    Have you ever smelled Caron French Cancan? I jst got a decant of the extrait. I will be purchasing this from the famous urn in NYC if they have it.
    Sniffa sign up has begun, so go to and sign up!
    Take care my friend.

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