Perfumequeen has a slight cold and can’t breathe through her nose.  Friday Candy Jar Day is cancelled this week.

When y’all have colds, do you still wear perfume for the psychological benefit, or for the benefit of others?

This morning, Sunday, I’m still pretty sniffle-y, but I intend to wear perfume since I will be out and about.  I feel so naked without it.  Probably will choose Un Temps de Une Fete, as I want something light-ish so I don’t over apply and kill people. I’m getting quite hooked on that one lately.  Or maybe some Frapin, sent to me by dear reader Carol, though application could get heavy.  Off to go make myself presentable.  Can’t entertain in jammies.  At least not til I find some fabulous silk chinese jammies with matching marabou mules.  suggestions on that?

Who knows anything about spring sniffas???

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  1. Feel better! The spring sniffa is April 12-13.

  2. hello, oh Jammied one…hope you’re feeling better…go to and!!
    Can’t wait for spring sniffa!
    My company, Mystic Bean Coffee Co. will be providing FRESH ROASTED COFFEE SAMPLES for all attendees to carry in their hand bag. One thing at sniffa fall ball, even Bergdorf had disgusting stale coffee for clearing the palate…NO MORE!!

  3. Thanks ladies, this is the sniffa in NYC correct? I am going to look in to tickets this week. Hope no one minds my junior associate attending with me!

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