Homework for the Perfumistas


I intended to post on Chanel’s Coco  today, however, in my research, I read something that deserves a bit more research.  In Deluxe, How Luxury Lost it’s Luster  by Dana Thomas, Polge (Chanel’s resident nose) is quoted as saying  “Coco is a combination of Cuir de Russie and Bois des Iles.”   My copy of the book is in a locked car, so I paraphrased, but the statement tells me I need to reexamine my notes on Coco  in this context before giving a review.

your homework:

 Get out your Coco, Cuir de Russie and Bois des Iles and examine the composition in the context Polge put it in.  I am curious to see if anyone sees it this way.  I will be posting on my observations in three weeks from today, so pass papers forward and to the left, class, I expect some in depth observations.  Anyone who leaves a thoughtful comment in the meantime goes in the drawing for a spiffy prize! 

Tune in Friday for Candy Jar day.  Sometime over the weekend, look for a Delrae Detour posting.  I’ve become re-obsessed with the line and need to give my collection the props they deserve. 

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  1. without having the three in front of me :
    It seems they amped up the aldehydes to the max in Coco then, if this is true.
    I guess you’ll need to send me a ml. of Cuir…!
    e-m me…

  2. email underway

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