Friday Candy! Andy Tauer’s Incense Extreme

Welcome to the second edition of Friday Candy Jar.  This episode will be short and sweet.

Andy Tauer is a smaller independent perfumer who gets rave reviews from all the blogging perfumistas.  His new perfume Incense Extreme  is my first experience with his work.  I recieved a sample from a past oreder with Luckyscent and couldn’t wait to give it a go. 

Upon application, I get last night’s bonfire, which is quite lovely.  It is as though I woke up the next morning after a chilly night spent cavorting in the woods with a group of friends, a box o’wine, blankets, music and some masrshmellows.  Good times.  Nothing better than reliving those good times the next morning with the smell of fragrant smoke on your skin and in you hair.  Next the perfume brings back the hike in the woods we took to get to the bonfire spot.  Somewhere I got some sweetness, but only a fleeting sniff.  After that, it just kind of goes up in smoke. 

Disapointing for me.  I was hoping for deep, rich spicy incense, a tad more religious and oriental in nature.  Lez Nez Let Me Play the Lion  is already my go to bonfire smell, which I adore in fall for outdoor wearing.  Tauer’s Incense Extreme  is too light for my taste.  However, as I mentioned I only recieved a sample vial and application was a dab, so I may not have gotten the full effect a spray would give.  or a bath.  Possibly, it oculd just be the evil imp skin chemistry. 

Why am I making excuses?  I really wanted to love this.   His site describes very interesting compostions and I had some high hopes after reading reviews.  I resolve to give this one another whirl and report back.  If anyone else has given this a try, drop a comment with your thoughts, tell me I’m nuts or tell me it’s true.

Monday we will continue the Caron Carnation mini series with a review of Belladogia  and Wednesdayish, we will take a look at CoCo.  Enjoy the weekend!

notes Incense, touch of spices, powdery orris, cedarwood, ambergris, frankincense

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  1. I don’t know what this mess around Tauer is all about. I know he is an extremely nice man, but… I have not smelled Incense Extreme, but few of his scents (Reverie au Jardin, Lonestar memories, L’eau de Desert Marrocain, and L’eau d’Epices) – yes, and I find them all the same – shallow and artificial in a way. Lack of depth – that is what I am afraid to find in his new scent.

  2. Welcome!
    I hear Mr. Tauer is very nice indeed. I suppose bloggers are partial to his work in part because of his personality. We all want the nice guy, the independant guy to win, right? Disappointing to hear you found his work lacking depth. Personally, I love and need a deep complex perfume…

  3. Yes, Andy is a darling, but that’s not why I like his perfumes. You should at least give others a try…
    You know, when I first tired his Le Maroc pour Elle, I wnated to scrub it off. Same with Lonestar Memories… But I held on to the samples and very cautiously approached them a year later to give them another try. I tried them on the paper strip first, liked it. Then spritzed some on the skin…I didn’t fall in love right away but the scent slowly unfolded and I got more interested. Tried it again the next day and wow, I realized what I was missing, it was like a revelation! I know, it sounds stupid but it was a great moment, the beauty of Le Maroc had become obvious to me.
    All I’m saying is give it another try. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but made well and are nothing if not deep and complex.
    P.S. I’m not affiliated with Andy Tauer in any way, just like his perfumes

  4. OOOHH now I know how to get commenters!!

    I will be giving the work another try. just waiting for a day it seems right and I haven’t had anything garlicky. I also need to find spray samps of his other compositions too, as I suspect it would be stronger from a spray. His notes do sound fabulous.
    Well must go spray some Belladogia and work on the night’s posting…

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