Friday is Candy Jar Day – -Le Temps D’Une Fete Parfume Nicolai


Good day folks!  Every Friday I will draw something from my candy jar for a quickie review.  If it’s heart stoppingly awesome I’ll give it a more in depth review at a later time too.  Today’s sample is Parfum Nicolai’s Le Temps D’Une Fete — a time for celebration. 

Luckyscent says

Green florals seem to be disappearing species; we have been waiting for a long time for a new release that would pay homage to this sublimely elegant genre. Thanks to the classically refined Parfums de Nicolaï line, we now have the green floral scent we so greatly desired. Le Temps D’Une Fête, the latest offering by Patricia de Nicolaï, celebrates the eternal spring, marrying the delicate aroma of spring flowers with the aromatic greenness of leaves and grass. The glorious, deep verdancy of the top notes of galbanum, mastic and hyacinth is a nod to the great classic scents of the golden age of perfumery. The heart is an ode to narcissus, the seemingly innocent little flower whose fragile petals hide a dark, almost animalic side. The base notes make us giddy with delight with their earthy-mossy, again sublimely classic quality. Le Temps D’Une Fête is a Perfume with capital P, a delight for those of us who are longing for the graceful and harmonious scents of the days past.

Personally, I am not one fond of green scents.  For some reason I associate them with either sporty types or the uber elegant, too refined and lady like to be sexy type of woman.  However, I am begining to see some of thier appeal.  This perfume is a stunner and at first I couldn’t understand why. The perfume begins with warm sun beating down on the green leaves of some floral tree, releasing the green-ness of the leaves and warming up the florals.  There is pleasnat beauty for quite awhile until….the green skank queen Narcissus slinks out of her hiding place, annoucing her presence with some really indolent animalic skank.  Glorious! 

 Luckyscent makes a reference to the “golden age” or perfumery and here is where that description is apt.  Long ago, there were the polite greens, like Chanel 19, Cristalle etc that were sparkling beautiful greens that spoke of elegance, chic black dresses and Audrey Hepburn.  These beauties were just simply divine, but did not take risks.  They did not need to as they were so lovely and chic.  But there were also the other greens that I am reveling in thier discovery–the green monsters.  Balmain’s vintage Vent Vert, Piguet’s orginal Bandit.  Shocking greens that spoke of something darker, dirtier and greener…like a midnight F^%$ in the green field.  None of the polite debutante-ness at all, pure damp green dark mud glory. 

What is the celebration about?   Return to good perfume compostion with a stunning green?  springtime? spring fever?  I don’t know and really don’t care.  It’s just a fantastic work because Le Temps D’Une Fete straddles the line between the two green worlds with the elegant opening later overtaken by the surprise skank.  My nose is singing in the symphany and I’m loving this addition to the line.  Though I didn’t realize exactly why I love it.

For the most part, until the mysterious skank monster rears it’s shocking head, the perfume reminds me alot of  Del Rae’s Amoureuse, minus the tangerine and spice.  Amoureuse is one of my great loves for it’s spicy, heady green and floral then musk perfection, though once in awhile I find it a bit difficult to take.  Le Temps D’Une Fete, however solves the problem by streamlining the green and florals semi-no-nonsense excluding the heady spice and then, just before you think ho hum and drift into sleey boredom, BAM SKANK. Just like Justin brings sexyback, Nicolai brings perfumeperfection back.   silliage is quite good, long lasting without overpowering.  genius I think and definately worth a bottle, which I will be procuring and putting into the decant list so you all can share. 

Notes : galbanum, mastic, opoponax, narcissus, hyacinth, daffodil, styrax, oakmoss, sandalwood

Interesting notes about the notes –I believe Bandit and Vent Vert, two of the mean green queens, use galbanum and lots of it to acheive thier shocking green-ness. 


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  1. you have made this sound interesting…I do not like green fragrances either, or so I thought.
    I bought Yosh Stargazer and then read it was green…LOL…
    anyway…loved the pic and the description.
    Never smelled any DelRae…need to get some samps.

  2. I was really surprised how much I like this one. I am buying a bottle in a few days I think. So pretty. Happy New Year to you!

  3. […] baby buds, I like to wear Parfum di Nicolai UnTemps de Une Fete.  I reviewed it in greater detail here.  It’s soft and pale green then blooms into lovely spring flowers.  Before it’s too […]

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